Currency is a Trap

I do not believe in capitalism. Not only that, I don't believe in money.I hate money.I am sick of money.What is money anyway?Little pieces of paper and metal that have value.Why are they valuable? Because we say so.That's it. That's all.We agree it means something, so it does - a shared delusion.There is no inherent wealth in a $1 bill, not even in a $100 bill. It doesn't matter if it is the Queen's face or my own, a stamp on a bill is meaningless.A sparkly diamond can go for hundreds of millions of dollars, but the bottle of water that keeps us alive? A few quarters.Our priorities are screwed up.I'm not saying water should be expensive or diamonds should be cheap, I'm saying nothing should have a price tag on it.“An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.”–PlutarchWhy do citizens revolt? Either because they can't walk the streets safely or they can't put food on their table. That's it.That's the purpose of government. To provide safety and security. That's what civilization is. When those two needs are corrupted, revolution is certain.We all live on this planet. We all need its resources. We all need care and sustenance. But even in one of the most revered countries in the world, this happens:"Inequality is as dear to the American heart as liberty itself."-William Dean HowellsWhy does this happen? How did we let this become the norm? How did we disillusion ourselves so much?We speak of American Dreams and trickle-down economies. We listen to tirades against the "economically disadvantaged" in which they are called lazy and stupid and unwilling and unmotivated and deserving of their lot in life.We ignore generations of racism, sexism, classism, ageism, and ableism. We ignore the pitfalls of capitalism and the way it always leads income inequality. We call corporations 'people' and watch those that struggle suffocate and call the billionaires "too big to fail".We don't ignore our materialism, we applaud it:We are told that the rich need the "incentive" of more money for them to create jobs. We are told that the poor need the "incintive" of less money so that they will pull themselves up by their bootstraps. And then we believe it.When someone does battle their way to the top of the ladder, they believe they deserve it more than anyone else. That think they worked harder, that they are inherently better. Even if they cheated.We become convinced that those seeking help are a bunch of couch potatoes commiting fraud, no matter what the evidence shows.We don't share. We don't consider. We don't empathize.We slap on a price tag.I hate money. It is a vile thing....more

America's $300 Billion Drug Problem

Did you know that $300 billion are spent as a direct result of substance abuse in the U.S. each year? If you were to divide that money, it would be enough to give everyone in the U.S. $950, or everyone in the world $40 each. It’s also enough money to buy Google outright, end world hunger or pay tuition for 3 million college students. When you really take a good look at the amount of money wasted on U.S. drug addictions, it’s horrifying. It seems fitting then that we’ve chosen Halloween to talk about something so scary, right?...more

Sexy, Sexy Social Security

There is nothing remotely chic or glamorous about being poor and elderly.  Yet women are far more likely than men to find themselves in that exact situation.  Women make less and live longer, so smaller resources  have to stretch to cover  longer years....more

Putting the Hands Back in Handmade: What Etsy's Changes Mean for Crafters

There are headlines floating all over the interwebs right now on how sellers on Etsy are protesting their latest change of policies. I’m betting 50% of my readers are saying, “What’s Etsy?” 45% are probably asking, “What policy change?” And the last group is packing up their profiles from Etsy and moving on....more
Many actual "made by the artisan" artists and vintage sellers are moving to . Zibbet ...more

6 Reasons Why Losing My Job Doesn't Suck

“There’s a great place to look for jobs, Mom,” said my 12-year-old son in his snarkiest voice.“It’s called THE NEWSPAPER.”Jerk.Okay, so he has a point (and I’m thrilled he knows what a newspaper is), but still.Having lost my job after the magazine where I’d worked as an editor for nearly nine years abruptly folded, I’ve spent the last few weeks flailing around and trying to figure out what’s next.It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been eye-opening.For one, I’m not as panicked as I probably should be....more
Great perspective! Hang in there.more

Another Dollar Spent

A dollar spent, sure doesn’t mean what it used too. I cannot believe how expensive it is just to grocery shop for a family of five almost six…since Clevis is known to have a meal with us on occasion. But holy cow, another dollar spent is more like another couple of hundred dollars spent. I can remember when $40.00 a week would buy a cart full of groceries, now that won’t get you much. It is funny to watch those extreme coupon shows, and I do, but I for one am just not able to make that work, at least not to that major extreme.Read more... ...more

What Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day Means When You're Among the Long-Term Unemployed

Exactly nine years ago this week, I was in Toronto's Pearson International Airport sitting next to the co-creator of Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day....more

Who Needs To Dress Up, When America is Scary as Hell?

It's sad really, it's evident that Halloween being a celebrated event across the country that it carries a certain spirit with it. Being an excessive thinker sometimes my spirit  gets depressed anyway, but seemingly today more so than ever. I'm sure it doesn't help that today is a day people celebrate souls not being at rest, fantasy, evil, and witch craft....more

Not All Women Are One Issue Voters.- Beth Lindstrom @bethlindstrom

A couple of weeks ago, a few of us women flew to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend a rally at Marquette University with Ann Romney.   Ann was there for an event that attracted over 600 people.  The four of us used to work closely with Mitt Romney, Cindy Gillespie, former senior counsel to Governor Romney, Ellen Herzfelder, former Secretary of Environmental Affairs, Renee Fry, former Secretary of Economic Development and I (former Secretary of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation) were there to make the point that Governor Romney worked with many women in his adminis...more

DNC Talk Turns to a New Outlook on Jobs

The 2012 election is about jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs. And the economy. That's what everyone says, and that's what many convention speeches are about. But what jobs? For which segments of the population? Working parents? Kids just out of college? Students trying to work their way through college? Or high school grads just trying to find a good-paying position? It's all well and good to talk about the need for jobs, but it's clear that American want some specifics. ...more
@KatherineLewis @iamwill Glad you liked the article! It was a great panel, but Especially #STEM ...more