Dear Black Friday Retailers...

Dear Black Friday Retailers...You disappoint me. I used to get up early. I mean, early, to shop with a friend. It was fun, exciting. Special.But this year you have invaded my holiday. Many of you have opened your doors at a ridiculous hour. Causing your employees to choose between sleeping or celebrating. All so you can line your pockets and your CEO's get a bonus.Will these hourly employees see a bonus? Will they even get a raise? Will the Seasonal Employees keep their jobs after the New Year? Prob'ly not....more

Black Friday

I am not a Black Friday fan.I think it’s mainly due to the fact that I am somewhat claustrophobic/agoraphobic and even seeing the crowds on TV spikes up my anxiety to unpleasant levels.   If someone wants to get up at 3 am and sit in the cold to wait for a “deal”, knock yourselves out.  Me, I’m going to stay in my nice warm bed and dream of cozy evenings in curled up with a book in front of a fire while snuggling in my wool Aran sweater and sipping from a mug of hot chocolate....more


Like many Americans, I'm not feeling too chummy toward big business right now.  As a result I was thrilled to hear about Small Business Saturday.  The idea is to fuel the economy by patronizing local, small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Given my choice I'd much rather line the pockets of an individual with half  a dozen employees than help provide some CEO with a $2 million bonus. ...more

I Don't Care About Kim!

Some of you saw the post title and are already nodding in agreement. And that's exactly why I don't care. Because you already know who I'm talking about. Because the world is so much more important than the Kardashians and their money-making publicity. ...more
That is a lot of maybes. Media has definitely given us more access but sometimes I wonder if we ...more

Money Isn't Everything- Hope Is

I'm an optimist. Hope is always out there and I'm on a quest to find it.  This condition is what got my husband and I involved in a multi-level marketing scheme years ago.  We were presented with just that- hope.  Hope not only for a better life, but a MUCH better life. I wanted so badly to give my kids a great life,  I took it in, hook, line and sinker.  We stayed in for a few years, attending meetings and conventions, buying products and the idea that it was all going to make us rich....more

What Is Your Personal Experience With Unemployment in This Challenging Job Market?

BlogHer is running two polls today. One is Halloween themed (scariest movies) and this one is just as alarming, but in a way that unfortunately hits much closer to home for a lot of folks in America today. We want to know how our community is faring with job loss and the struggle to find work.  Unemployment rates have remained at a very high level nationwide for over two years now.  How has this affected you and your family?...more
I've been unemployed since 2012. I live on my own. In a condo. I had job hunted for over a ...more

UPDATED: Here's How We Can Blog To Get Americans Back To Work (AUDIO)

Hi everyone --...more
Happy to be part of this amazing initiative. ...more

What bothers you the most about the current economic downturn?

For over two years the U.S. economy has been in a downward spiral and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.  The problems seem inescapable,  and the media coverage is relentless.  Whether it's school budgets being slashed, or unemployment or rising health care costs; nearly everyone is affected one way or another....more
Why is the Tea party considered "an extreme movement" when the T-E-A stands for taxed enough ...more

Trend - Minimalist Wardrobe

The sad state of our economy and our increased willingness to be good to Mother Earth has motivated us to think in new ways about our wardrobes. It’s a case of less is more. It’s a little bit of a scary notion for some of us, to think that maybe only one pair of shoes and less than a dozen garment pieces and and handful of accessories would suffice, but the merits of a minimalist wardrobe need to be considered....more

The Company Men

 How many of you are worried about your job or not making enough money to support you and your family? I bet it is more than a few of you. Well, I just finished watching The Company Men and if you are one of those few, who have been downsized, fired, let go, etc...don't watch this movie. You will just get more depressed....more