Please just pass the tax cut extension already!

How does one be political without getting into personal politics? Easy, let's talk something simple - that everyone should agree on. Tax cuts. Sure, not everyone "needs" them to survive but most economists think that while the tax cuts won't necessarily be an "efffective stimulus", passing them will prevent a worsening of the economy. Possibly, according to Moody's, the economy could see modest gains from the cuts being extended. One of the biggest arguments on extending some of the cuts is "deficit"....more

The White House Teams Up with Will it Help Job Seekers?

Starting today through November 14, 2010, job seekers can visit the Facebook page and post questions to the Obama Administration regarding America's employment climate. The intention is that questions that garner a lot of comments or rack up the "Likes" will be answered by the White House via video responses posted online. Mashable announced this news recently and the comments are already flowing. As with any high-profile partnership between the White House and say, anybody, questions abound. Most important among them, will this sort of forum truly benefit most out of work Americans ...more

Thanks for your thoughts...

It is awesome when people learn from each other. Where I see ...more

The Economy Has Dealt My Husband a Tough Blow. How do we Cope?

After one year of being overworked and under-employed, my husband is feeling the strain of his high demand, low paying job. It likely pays what unemployment does, but he has his pride. And the hope he'll meet someone who will recruit him. While it may be the worst possible industry for a family man, retail was the only place to go in this economy. And apparently, the scarlet letter for his job search. I wish my husband could post a personal ad for a job....more

Think you're broke? You probably aren't.

Recently I read Laura Rowley’s excellent column, “Why the rich don’t feel rich,” in which she wrote about University of Chicago law professor Todd Henderson’s struggle to survive on a combined family income of more than $250,000. The column was a stark contrast to something that happened while I was in New Jersey last month....more

I'm frustrated by how easily we toss around the concept of "broke." If we could hear ourselves ...more

Is the Anticipated Increase in Holiday Jobs Something to Celebrate?

In 2007, (can we call that the good ol' days?) retailers hired 720,800 holiday workers. Last year, that number plummeted to 501,400. Doing the math, that's a loss of 219,400 jobs. This year, according to Challenger, Gray and Christmas, a national outsourcing firm, retailers could hire anywhere from 550,000 to 650,000 seasonal workers. Or, another way to look at it, retailers would still be hiring anywhere from 70,800 fewer to up to 170,800 fewer people than in 2007. ...more

The White House *Hearts* Women Entrepreneurs

When you get an invitation to the White House, you go. Especially when the occasion is the White House Women's Entrepreneurship Conference and the release of new data on how women business owners have been faring since the late 1990s, as well as new efforts to support women in their efforts to create successful businesses. ...more

... to back up the claims about women seeking less, though anecdotally it may not seem that ...more

Ignorance vs. Stupidity

The Money Mirror: People Value What They Pay For

Do you routinely, and for no rational reason, charge less than fair market value for your products or services?  Do you take less so someone, less than or equally entitled, can have more?   Do you accept gifts or compliments graciously? ...more

Ouch that stings! I'm so glad you're sharing this with other return to work ...more

Who would Jesus strafe?

A relative has told me that the only way to secure our border is to allow the Border Patrol to shoot to kill. He honestly believes this is OK. He also honestly believes he is a Christian. I’ve heard of prosperity gospel. Perhaps his church teaches hostility gospel. My church doesn’t....more

Putting the "labor" back in Labor Day!