The Money Mirror: People Value What They Pay For

Do you routinely, and for no rational reason, charge less than fair market value for your products or services?  Do you take less so someone, less than or equally entitled, can have more?   Do you accept gifts or compliments graciously? ...more

Ouch that stings! I'm so glad you're sharing this with other return to work ...more

Who would Jesus strafe?

A relative has told me that the only way to secure our border is to allow the Border Patrol to shoot to kill. He honestly believes this is OK. He also honestly believes he is a Christian. I’ve heard of prosperity gospel. Perhaps his church teaches hostility gospel. My church doesn’t....more

Putting the "labor" back in Labor Day!


Obama Announces End to Combat Missions In Iraq

Last night, President Obama addressed the nation, claiming that all combat troops would be withdrawn from Iraq, fulfilling a campaign promise to end the eight-year war there begun during the Bush Administration. Speaking from the Oval Office, the President declared "mission accomplished," claiming that Iraqi forces will now be responsible for keeping their own security, with the aid of about 50,000 "military advisors" -- US troops who will provide military training and consulting to Iraqi forces. ...more

I’ve wondered for the past few days why this post has not elicited any comments given the ...more

In The Face of Uncertainty

Stay True.The start of the new decade has not brought the uplifting promise I thought it would. Tragedies in the world, continuing health care challenges and economic uncertainty all seem to bring happiness to a halt. Happiness is well, that is another subject. This is business....more

Job Lab: ROYO: Pitch Me

Pitch me sessionWith Lucretia Pruit: @lucretiapruit and Jenn Fowler @JennFowler Elements of a good elevator pitch: Name Nametags that flip both ways  Your blog’s title, not your URL Describe what your blog is about. State the nature of your blog Keep it short and sweet, 2-3 sentences brief. Your stats: don’t lie. But talk about your readers expectations Tagline: if you want to work with an agency, be mindful about your tagline....more

Obama on The View: From The Hard-Hitting Questions to Snookie

Barack Obama became the first sitting president to appear on a daytime talk show today when the pre-recorded interview with the ladies from The View aired. He has been on the show two previous times, but they were before he was elected. To make the interview more interesting, Barbara Walters came back for the first time since she had heart valve surgery earlier this year. She wasn’t the only one with hard-hitting questions, making the interview quite interesting. ...more

why were they so surprised when he didn't know who Snooki. The President has more important ...more

Summer Job Jeopardy 2010

Is it just my children or does this generation of teens and young adults think that work is something only old people do? Since when is working in the summer rare? ...more

When I was a teen and I asked about getting a job, my parents told me that getting good grades ...more

Scary Week for Work: U.S. Loses Jobs, Senate Fails to Extend Unemployment Benefits

The Labor Department reported today that the U.S. economy suffered a loss of 125,000 jobs in June, mostly temporary census jobs, the first such loss this year. The department also reported that the unemployment rate declined from 9.7% to 9.5% -- but according to the New York Times, "This decline came only because the nation’s labor force shrank by 652,000 jobs," meaning fewer people were actively looking for work. ...more

I'm in SE Michigan. So many jobs out here are contract work, and unemployment is a tricky ...more

Gotta Start Small to Go Big

Anybody remember President Obama’s recent State of the Union speech? We were watching it at the Sierra Club Green Home offices, excited to hear about his successes on the environmental front. President Obama is one impressive orator but according to that speech, he plans to: fix the economy; implement a new health care policy; complete the war in Afghanistan/Iran; rebuild our standing internationally; help impoverished nations; among other important problems to address – not to mention, foster the green movement and bring renewable energy to America....more