Full Circle Home - Eco Style Function

In honor of Earth Day (tomorrow!) we thought that we would highlight a green company that – to us – exemplifies what an environmentally-friendly consumer product manufacturing company should be....more

The Gulf Oil Spill, One Year Later: Gendered Layers of Impact

By Jacqui Patterson, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine The Deepwater Horizon Oil Drilling Disaster of April 20, 2010 (the “BP Oil Spill”) is, as the news sometimes tells us, causing grave damage to the waterways and shores, marshlands and bayous of the Gulf of Mexico. Far more hidden is the devastation wrought on the women in scores of coastal communities....more

Moving the Silence: Rachel Carson’s Groundbreaking Work

By Theresa Noll, cross-posted at On The Issues MagazineIt has been nearly 50 years since Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring and exposed the harmful effects of DDT, but the lessons of her story remain as important as they were half a century ago....more

The Dog Ate My Oxygen

CNN reported on a book "Time to Eat the Dog? The Real Guide to Sustainable Living" by Robert and Brenda Vale, which asserts that dogs are as bad for the environment as driving an SUV, because they are carnivores and a lot of land is required to produce dog food....more

Good Food Now: Join the Big Fight for Better Eats

Of course, when you focus on tackling those bigger problems -- childhood obesity, say -- they can seem so vast that you get discouraged from ever getting involved in finding solutions. Still, changing what you eat in your own home is a relatively simple task that clearly has much bigger environmental and health consequences. If you've made personal changes -- whether it's to eat more fresh veggies, to seek out more local produce, or to opt for organic products whenever possible -- you're already part of the solution. ...more

To read more form BUTTERFLY go to www.butterfly.pro

Take a ...more

charity: water - Get Inspired!

For those of us that are able I believe it is very important to donate money or time to charities or non-profits....more

Green Changes and Eco-Resolutions

I polled my other green blogging friends to find out what their eco-resolutions were for 2011, and I got a variety of answers. Some want to simplify and relax. Others want to jump into new challenges. Have a look at the responses and see if any of these goals match ones you’re pursuing this year. ...more

My goal for this year is to use less disposable napkins. We do really well buying goods with ...more

Paper? Plastic? Please don't BYOB!

Okay I jumped on the bandwagon, I have reusable bags that I to take to the grocery store for my purchases.  These bags are everywhere. Businesses are selling them or giving them away and slapping a brand name logo on the side. Everyone's doing their part for the environment, right? My friend Joy, the bargain shopper, brought me a bag from TJ Maxx that was HUGE. I couldn't believe it....more

I wonder if anyone has the same problem as me?



Karma is a Pig, a Fox and a Turtle

MSNBC did a news feature today about feral pigs and boars in the mid west bothering residents and destroying property. They are large, feral, smart, plentiful and definitely winning the battle of wits. The proposed solution, and one that appears to be embraced by the government, is to hunt and kill them, or "manage the population".  These pigs were originally brought here for the convenience of wealthy land owners who wanted the ability to hunt near home rather than traveling to where the pigs were indigenous. So - humans are lazy - shoot the pigs....more