Radio - live w BlogHer, Saturday July 13, 9-9:30AM CT

I blog, farm and host a wkly show, Deep Roots Radio. Tomorrow I'll interview BlogHer co-founder Elisa Camahort Page about this dynamic website and the thousands of woman who blog and network on this platform. Join us: July 13, 9-9:30 AM CT Where: live on the Internet, Why: Hear why BlogHer can benefit women bloggers. My interest is in reaching women bloggers who explore the many connections between what we eat and how it's grown....more

City 2.0: reflections from our family road trip

Yesterday's news of the death of Paolo Soleri -- the visionary architect, builder, artist, writer and theorist -- put me in mind of our family visit last month to Arcosanti, Soleri's urban experiment in the desert of Arizona.Sixty five miles north of Phoenix, Arcosanti was described by NEWSWEEK magazine as “…the most important urban experiment undertaken in our lifetimes.”Before our trip to Arizona, we had shown this TED talk about Arcosanti to our teen, who has more than a passing interest in architecture and design. The video opened his eyes to the importance of "arcology" (architecture and ecology - two key parts to a single, whole structure)....more

Which Tech Helps You Stay Green?

How many of you made a decision to be more environmentally friendly in 2013? We know from our many research studies that the women in the BlogHer community tend to be more "green" than the general population....more
@KarenLynnn I looked it up. It sounds very interesting and probably a good thing to have. Thanks ...more

Nutritionwise: Adopt a Meatless Monday Routine

Go meatless...just one day a week, cut out the meat.  Adopting a Meatless Monday routine is a relaxed and fun way to introduce vegetarian meals to your family.  Just one day a week, going meatless may reduce your risk of chronic preventable conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity. It can also help reduce your carbon footprint and save precious resources like fresh water and fossil fuel. Going meatless, just one day a week, is just a more thoughtful or mindful way of eating. ...more

Yes, Even if I was Only Scooping the Poop!!

Yesterday's weather was very mild yesterday in upstate South Carolina.  I have to admit, I left the kichen door open to the screened porch for a good while yesterday evening.  Loving fresh air, I am so thankful to have a home that was built back in the day when catching breezes was a design standard.  Built in a bygone era, the Manor was situated correctly, facing the south, with the "master's" bedroom on the eastern approach so that the sun would awaken him for his duties of the day.  The guest rooms, on the western side, allowed leisu...more

Gasoline and the Environment

We have all heard that gasoline is bad for the environment but how does it affect you? I write this post because today, I woke up to the maintainance man pounding on my door. He had told me that gas was pouring out of my father in-law’s truck....more
Great advice! I hope this won't happen to you again anytime soon.more

Meet Melinda Moore, Inspiring Eco-warrior and Game-changing Entrepreneur

 “There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come." Sep 18, 2012...more

Approaching Zero: Solutions for Reducing Emissions and Expenses

Did you know that the average American travels 50 miles during Labor Day Weekend and on average 28.2 million people will travel by car? According to AAA current gas prices, averaging $3.80 per gallon, are the highest ever recorded for this holiday weekend. This price is cheap considering the prices I find in San Francisco that hover around $4.20 per gallon....more

In America’s National Parks, Air Pollution Knows No Boundaries

Summer is a time when American families plan vacations. Many are centered on the natural beauty of our country and the National Parks System. ...more

The Compostable Toothbrush

There are plenty of "compostable" products out there and I am suspicious of them all. Truth is, nearly everything disintegrates, eventually. But the real question is, how long does it take? A millennium? And what becomes of the original material? Is it helpful or harmful to the environment? Even plastic bags eventually break down into smaller bits of plastic that, of course, end up being consumed by animals, fish, you and me. ...more