Thursday Thinking Works: Introducing Non-Native Species to the US Wild

Thinking Works is an assignment my little girl has to do every week for school.  This week it is touching on a subject that I think about often.  Should foreign species be allowed for import to the United States.  Like my daughter my answer is no.  Since there has never been a restriction of movement of animals between countries from times past we are suffering the consequences of their impingement on our environment.  We have to do what we can to prevent further damage to our native flora and fauna....more

In the Muck: Volunteering Adventures with my Teenage Son

Like many parents, I’m often on the lookout for opportunities to volunteer with my kids.  I try to find things that are going to be somewhat fun, so that even if they are not hugely engaged with the cause itself they’ll have a positive experience....more
I love that you're getting him involved at this age. I go rounds with my teens (15 & 13) about ...more

Green Kitchen: What You Need to Know

I've often considered home cooking to be one of the best things you can do on your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. Cooking gets you away from the very unsustainable industrial food system and supports good health. At our house, the kitchen is the joyful center of our universe since Mr....more

Buying an Organic Mattress? You Must Be Joking

Have you ever watched one of those tell-all news segments that go behind the scenes into the world of hotel housekeeping or food service? Once you know all the dirty little secrets, staying in hotels or eating out isn't nearly as enjoyable. I travel extensively for business, and after watching one such show, I still make it my first priority to strip the bed of its bedspread, and I never directly touch the TV remote control....more

Have a Green Holiday Season: 10 Easy Tips

This year, instead of a white Christmas, why not strive for green? Eco-friendly, green holidays, that is....more

How Green is Your Period?

You recycle. You compost. You buy local, support your CSA, and save gasoline whenever possible.  But... er... how green is your period?  Are you taking that mindfulness to the pads and tampons you use (or don't use) during your monthly flow? ...more
Diva cup and reusable pads for heavy days (just in case). I live in a developing country, so ...more

My Relationship with Giant Redwoods

As we dumped our bags unceremoniously on the living room floor, grateful to be home after six hours on the 5, I noticed it still sat on the side table: the back issue of National Geographic dedicated to the giants. Though I'd read it, I hadn't been able to toss it yet, for how often does a magazine feature your favorite trees on its cover? Not just any trees, but the largest trees in the world - trees that predate Christ, trees found only on your coastline?They're dramatic, those trees....more

Radio - live w BlogHer, Saturday July 13, 9-9:30AM CT

I blog, farm and host a wkly show, Deep Roots Radio. Tomorrow I'll interview BlogHer co-founder Elisa Camahort Page about this dynamic website and the thousands of woman who blog and network on this platform. Join us: July 13, 9-9:30 AM CT Where: live on the Internet, Why: Hear why BlogHer can benefit women bloggers. My interest is in reaching women bloggers who explore the many connections between what we eat and how it's grown....more

City 2.0: reflections from our family road trip

Yesterday's news of the death of Paolo Soleri -- the visionary architect, builder, artist, writer and theorist -- put me in mind of our family visit last month to Arcosanti, Soleri's urban experiment in the desert of Arizona.Sixty five miles north of Phoenix, Arcosanti was described by NEWSWEEK magazine as “…the most important urban experiment undertaken in our lifetimes.”Before our trip to Arizona, we had shown this TED talk about Arcosanti to our teen, who has more than a passing interest in architecture and design. The video opened his eyes to the importance of "arcology" (architecture and ecology - two key parts to a single, whole structure)....more

Which Tech Helps You Stay Green?

How many of you made a decision to be more environmentally friendly in 2013? We know from our many research studies that the women in the BlogHer community tend to be more "green" than the general population....more
@KarenLynnn I looked it up. It sounds very interesting and probably a good thing to have. Thanks ...more