Water Rationing Is Not Just For Californians

California’s third year of drought is cause for alarm.  Reservoirs are low even though there have been large amounts of snow from storms lately. ...more

Take a big chunk out of your carbon footprint

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in our society. The financial crisis upon us is painful but it is also driving people to question our choices.  Out of crisis comes opportunity- if we choose to make it such. This is no more true than about the energy we consume in our homes. ...more

Springing Forward: Random Thoughts

                                            "Morning Speaks." PPR_Scribe People speak of "losing" an hour when they move their timepieces ...more

Read an eBook Week!

A witty post about Read an eBook Week, which appears to be part gimmick, part real. Click here to read about it, and love the snark on the banners. ...more

Baby Steps and Big Ideas: BlogHers Go Green in 2009

Living eco-friendly has its upsides. It's often more frugal. You definitely feel more connected. You get to carry around cute cloth tote bags. It may even help you be healthier. And then there's the little matter of making the world better for us and future generations. But changing your life? Walking more lightly on the earth? It's also, um -- intimidating. ...more

Great post! I am looking forward to the upcoming ones on this topic. I thought I would ...more

International Women's Day

On International Women’s Day, women around the world join together in ...more

Transition from Fossil to Electric fuel

Gas prices are soaring globally day by day. These prices majorly depend on speculation in the market, renewable alternatives and nuclear energy. However, according to www.money.cnn.com gasoline prices in the United States are still lower than many other Latin American and European countries. ...more

Design with Heart

by Saxon Henry  ...more

CB's Green Report: Obama Means Business on Green Energy

It only makes sense that this week's Green Report focus on the environment and the Obama administration after his joint session of Congress address on Tuesday. The Pres has some big ideas to help the environment. In fact, his top priority was energy, which includes producing more renewable energy and reducing America's dependence on oil from the Middle East. Woo hoo! ...more

What's all the noise about?

One of the best definitions I have found for noise pollution (environmental noise) is: ...more