Following a Stream of Tweets as $1 Million Predicted For Charity:Water 36 Hours before Twestival 2009

In less than 36 hours, tens of thousands will gather at 185 Twestivals around the world--held in celebration of an unprecedented global campaign for Charity:Water. ...more

Make Green Handmade Valentines from Trash at Home

Why spend money when you don’t have to?  That seems to be our motto around here these days, and Valentine’s Day is no exception.  Here are a couple of Valentines we put together with bits and pieces that were otherwise destined for the trash.  Don’t you just love a bit of repurposing? ...more

Stimulate Me Baby

About 10 months ago I ranted a bit about the so called stimulus package then President Bush threw together. I didn't then and still don't like the idea of just throwing money at the consumer's and expecting them to go on a spending spree. ...more

A year of change

2009--A brand new year full of hope and promise. This will also be a year of great change. In keeping with this idea, the blog will be changing just a bit. The focus this year will be on the interaction between humans and their physical/natural environment. How have we influenced changes in the natural world? What is our current impact? How are we (and nature) adapting to these changes? ...more

Wine in the coming Ice Age

When I was growing up -- think the Nixon-Ford-Carter-Reagan years -- I seem to remember that the Russian newspaper Pravda was understood to be a laughing stock. Of course, it was a mouthpiece of the Soviet state, and so its articles were only quoted in the American press as examples of official Soviet whitewashing of domestic problems, or conversely of the trumpeting of faux Soviet triumphs in this international sphere or that. ...more

Help me choose a logo for my small business -

Help us pick a logo at hyperlocavore is a yardsharing community. Join hyperlocavore to find or start a yardshare or group garden in your town. CSAs and community gardens fill up fast. Organic is expensive! ...more

Economic Citizenship: The Political Economy of Handknitting

Of Economic Citizenship:  The Political Economy of Handknitting If America is to survive, We the People must rediscover how to be We the People.  Which means: citizens.  Which means: responsible members of this civilization.  Which means: citizenship is more than a legal status and a set of rights and entitlements.  It requires living and acting responsibly in the political, economic, social and cultural realms that, several generations of so-called social scientists to the contrary, cannot be separated. ...more

Not In My Food~

Who I am and what I do is all about living with the thought of leaving something behind that my children, grand-children, and my fellowman can say...she was dedicated to this. Good and safe food without chemicals, food that isn't cargoed from thousands of miles away. Dead foods and foods void of any nutritional value when it reaches the dinner table. Foods that are not laden with artifical garbage that changes our natural chemistry. ...more

Taking the bus to work

I never really thought of myself as a public transportation kind of gal. Oh right, I speak fluent Metro in Paris to be one with the natives. But as far as taking the bus…in my own city? I’ve got an automobile for that purpose not to mention taxi and town car services on speed dial. ...more