The 7 C's of Why We Must Embrace Controversy to Change the World

I have the pleasure of speaking to each "class" of Progressive Women's Voices, an exciting program of the Women's Media Center, where I serve on the board. This started during the first class two years ago when I was asked about the lessons I learned leading a social movement where I worked a great deal with the media and messages as vehicles of social change. ...more

A Series of Unfortunate Events: A Tale of Surviving Adversity

So Much More Than a Mom recently wrote about the events that lead to her breakdown. That got me to thinking about my own little breakdown. Cyndi's climaxed after a 2-year series of unfortunate events; mine climaxed after 8 14 years of unfortunate events. I *should* password-protect this post so that it doesn't end up being screen-shot or quoted on someone else's blog, but I'm tired of letting CAB hinder me. ...more

Start a Campaign--Pass Healthcare Now in Teddy's Honor

In Memoriam: "The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die." Pass real healthcare reform now in Ted Kennedy's honor! (Please pass this on and let's start a campaign.) I've tweeted and facebooked this and people are picking it up.  it has some legs. Go for it. ...more

Leader's Moment of Decision Led to Women's Equality Day

Leaders make decisions every day, but some days are more significant than others. Those are the days on which we face moments of decision at the moral crossroads. One such crossroads was the reason we celebrate August 26 as Women's Equality Day. ...more

The Second Amendment Has Nothing to do With Health Care Reform

What does the Second Amendment have to do with health care reform? Despite the non-arrests of gun-toting fanatics outside the town hall meetings conducted by President Obama on the topic: absolutely nothing. In case you haven't seen the coverage of these incidents on the news or on blogs, allow me to step back a bit and bring you up to speed. ...more

9/11: Too Easy to Forget and We Can Help Remember

It sounds trite to say that we must never forget September 11, 2001.  It is trite I guess -- the kind of trite that comes when something is so true that there aren't enough ways to say it.  And of course that's what this is - we can't forget 9/11 - not really.  Sadly though we can let it become just another day like Veteran's Day where people sigh, think for a moment and move on. ...more

This is a great topic! I also just heard about the 9/11 Day of Service initiative. It's another ...more

The health care debate: picture it here

I've blogged about some useful online tools you can use to follow the health care debate--where to find the text at, how to follow the money and the lobbyist players, and how to check out where the parties are. But sometimes a picture is worth the proverbial 1,000 words. Maybe even 1,000,000 words. ...more

Big Pharma, and Health Insurance, may both be coercive but they are not the same thing. The ...more

Healther Skelter: The Intimidation Won't Work

Okay, so we're currently living in a climate of fear. I personally understand that I will be audited by the IRS next year because there's no chance someone didn't report me to, but at least I know I'll be in good company. Thank God for H&R Block, though. ...more

Obama: Pushing Health Care Reform or Patronizing?

President Barack Obama fired up his base today...or was he just patting us on the head? The Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America held a conference (via email, phone, web video and in person) with volunteers and supporters of the Obama Administration and campaign to rally for health care reform. ...more

Erin, I just got one of those forms from my insurance company that must be filled out so they ...more

Biological Gender Questioned of Athlete, Caster Semenya

18-year-old Caster Semenya of South Africa, won the Women’s 800 Meter in the World Championships by a long shot over other female contenders. ...more

That has to be absolutely humiliating for that poor woman.  Imagine what that must feel like ...more