Health Care, Netroots, Women and Pittsburgh: Definitely a Winning Combination

The formerly hyper-leftish political blogger conference formerly known as The Yearly Kos, formerly made up only of a tight circle of political bloggers, has blossomed into a far more diverse and interesting community.  Now known as Netroots Nation, they met last weekend in Pittsburgh, which knows a thing or two about working class life, and about tough times.  And, it seemed to me, the group demonstrated commitment and compassion different from that of the tighter, earlier community. ...more

New Federal Flu Guidelines for Business Plus Practical Tips

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have new federal guidelines to help businesses and employers prep for the upcoming flu season, which could affect business operations this fall and winter. ...more

Health Care Reform - What's Really Important?

We can argue all we want to about how health care should or should not be provided. Should we have a public option or co-ops to compete with private insurers? Should we have a single-payer option like in Canada, or should government not be involved? Or, we can look beyond that, to what we all really want underneath. What are the underlying values that are important to us in a health care system? Can we agree on any of these, even if we disagree on the solution? Here’s a starter list of what’s important to me: ...more

Sexual Abuse/Assault Survivors' Credo

We are MaleWe are FemaleWe are African AmericanWe are CaucasionWe are AsianWe are Native AmericanWe are EuropeanWe are TallWe are ShortWe are ThinWe are OverweightWe are StraightWe are GayWe are BisexualWe are TransgenderedWe are Left-BrainedWe are Right-BrainedWe are SingleWe are MarriedWe are in a Committed RelationshipWe are Dating AroundWe like to have SexWe don't like to have SexWe went to CollegeWe didn't go to CollegeWe Work ...more

MARIE CLAIRE asks: The Abortion Debate: What Would You Do?

The Abortion Debate: What Would You Do?  Holly Rossiter was pregnant with her second child when doctors discovered that, once born, it would quickly die. How could she bear to keep carrying it? Click on the headline above for the full story... ~ FYI this is a story I wrote that's in the September issue of MARIE CLAIRE, which I've also posted on my blog = ~ and also at my main website both of which are listed on my profile page here at BlogHer.  ...more

The Health Care Debate: How to Get the Facts Yourself

If you're tired of getting your information about the health care reform debate in the form of yelled slogans, politician's newsbites, and pulverized factoids manufactured by interest groups, there is an alternative. Over at, you can go behind the headlines, read the House version of the health care plan yourself, ask questions and comment, and see what other people are saying about the proposal. ...more

It's great to see that people are digging in and using these tools and thinking about the ...more


U.S. which claims itself to be the first world, still doesn’t have a govt supported health care system for the people, is really a shame!!!!!! Most of the major European countries like U.k.,France,Germany and the so called third world countries(i ,myself come from one) has health care system supported by the govt so that everybody can have access, it’s the peoples right to have a good health care system to take care of them when necessary….i don’t know why people who do not support this reform, are scared of what????? ...more

Forget the spin doctors - lets have a real conversation about health care reform

Stop the madness. Americans have a crucial health care reform proposal moving through the halls of Congress, and we desperately need an informed conversation about its merits. Instead, we're getting people screaming about whether the people screaming at town hall meetings are sock puppets or concerned citizens. We're getting statements from some opponents that grossly distort what's in the bill, and breezy assurances from Pres. Obama that leave important questions unanswered. ...more

First off, sorry to invoke the Glenn Beck name again after Kim requesting the opposite.

The Body Shop Teams Up With Cambodian Anti-Slavery Activist Somaly Mam

Somaly Mam is a vocal activist in the fight against child sex trafficking industry in Cambodia.   ...more

These days there is an increase in the movement to make critical choices in the products we ...more

Political Girl Crushes

There's been more than a little tongue-in-cheek conjecture that if the "boys" had listened to the "girls" or if "girls" had been in charge, our financial structures wouldn't be in meltdown mode today and our economy wouldn't be in the tank. ...more

Elizabeth Warren has been on my radar for years and I am thrilled that she has any kind of role ...more