Oprah Is Why The French Hate Us

Oprah has been on television for more than 20 years, and within that time, she has failed educate her fans on anything more than superficial fads in diet, culture, and politics. As of today, Oprah has not once interviewed or educated her fat and frivolous fan with an educational retrospect on ballet, opera ( nd Potts the tenor doesn't count) painters, poets, or sculptor...no artist what so ever. Musicians were not featured unless they already grabbed an Emmy or were about to. And if you thought I forgot about Maya Angelou, you are wrong!! ...more

I never thought I would see somebody criticise the great Oprah. Well done I quite agree, even ...more

One Struggle, One Fight

Today marks the beginning of the 5-day long march from Berkeley to Sacramento in an effort to repeal Proposition 8. One Struggle, One Fight, a beloved community that stands for equality, has organized this march to affect change in California’s Supreme Court and connect with communities along the way. ...more

Happy Non-Mother's Day

  With overpopulation being a burden in many parts of the world causing all kinds of environmental havoc, huge amounts of crime,  bankers with hefty bonuses, fathers running away from their responsibilties, motorists driving at 100mph and mowing down lots of people etc, non-mothers can rest assured that they haven't put such people into the world. In fact, they should be thanked. Even better, a national holiday (ok, that's pushing it). ...more

Postpartum Depression and Me: BFFs For Real, Yo

The internetz have been abuzz lately with lively discussion about when to quit breastfeeding, how to nurse in public, and whether breastfeeding is anti-feminist, or whether the anti-breastfeeders are the anti-feminists. ...more

When it Comes to Ruth Madoff, Whose Money is it Anyway?

Ruth Madoff and I have something in common. No, Mr. PunditMom hasn't been running his own multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme and I can guarantee you we don't have a chateau in France or a getaway home in Florida. But I think Ruth and I are both going to be getting back to clipping coupons, scanning the sale fliers and spending more time at the 99 cent store in coming months, but for slightly different reasons. Now that her husband Bernie Madoff is in jail waiting to find out how many more years he'll spend there (not the minimum security, country club kind, I hope), the focus is now on how much money the feds will ever be able to get back for the victims of his massive fraud. The most logical place to start is with the obvious assets -- those that Bernie claims should be left in the hands of his wife, Ruth. ...more

... that the SEC and federal prosecutors will be able to follow the money and the assets to keep ...more

Why do women tear eachother down?

Why do we tend to tear one another down instead of helping, encouraging and loving eachother? (While not EVERY woman displays this type of behavior) Still come on we are all guilty of it in some form or another! Participating in the office gossip about you know who...Telling a secret to a mutual friend that your girlfriend shared with you...Coveting a size 4 body and beautiful husband...Giving a woman a dirty look at a club or the mall. And it's not just grown women but young women are becoming more and more ruthless against eachother. ...more
@RebeccaKeenan   i consider myself quite lucky - i've never had to deal with these shallow petty ...more

A Girl's Obsession: The L Word

For anyone who is a fan of the show, and maybe even those who are not but know that the show premiered quite some time ago, you must be thinking "Aren't you a little late?" The answer would be yes - six years too late to be exact. But as the saying goes, better late than never. And I couldn't agree more! ...more

An exclusive with Diane MacEachern of Big Green Purse, plus recycled metal jewelry for the Humane Society at 15% off.

If you ever doubt your power to change the world, think about this: The 82 millions moms in this country represent $2.1 trillion dollars spent each year—about 15% of our country’s economy—and make 85% of household buying decisions. When they decide to go green, they’ll shift the whole economy! ...more

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Embryonic Stem Cell Research by Dawn ...more

Breaking Up With A Friend

Here’s a question that comes up a lot lately:  Do you still hear from her/him?  It used to feel like a badge of honor to say I’ve had the same friends forever, but some of them just don’t fit anymore.  I still cherish a few friendships that have endured through decades , but not all the people I used to know are people I want to be with today. When we were younger, we clumped together.  Birds of a feather for various reasons and various causes.  We formed parent groups, church groups, hobby groups, business associations and community activist groups. ...more