Still figuring this thing out but here I go!

Man! Ok, I made it past all the scrolling of tags. That's one still I'm still trying to learn about with this whole blogging thing. I sometimes think blogging comes naturally to me in a since. I love to write and connect with people, and it's a facinating personal way to do that online. I'm trying to decide about this BlogHer conference thing. This mental debate doesn't really fit with the topic of my blog so I'm blogging about my BlogHer quest here (and Twitter: ). ...more

Good news out of Darfur

You may still be grappling at the title of my post but read on. One of the most active rebel groups fighting in Darfur and the government in Khartoum have agreed to sign a so-called "declaration of good intentions" which could further lead to a possible peace deal in the region. What does it mean? ...more

The Dirty Little Secret: Self- Censorship

The Dirty Little Secret: Self- Censorship I have to thank Maria at Romance Novel TV for her post about libraries quietly removing books. ...more

Do You Give Good Blog?

There are a lot of ways to change the world. Because, face it: bringing about any of kind of change is best effected incrementally. You don't just set off one morning to run a marathon; you put on running shoes, you do some stretching, you run around the block, you come home and then you keep repeating, running longer and faster with every new attempt. Likewise with changing the world: it's the little incremental steps that do the trick. If we set out to just all of a sudden force a transformation, we wouldn't be very successful. Also, we'd probably get really bad cramps. ...more

 Kathi, that is beautiful, awesome and it shows me the power of people when they direct with ...more

The Mother Of The Octuplets Speaks

And to think, she doesn't even have an Apu with a milk bag!! This woman is SCREWED! (although... not literally) ...more

My first recession

I hear it every morning as my t.v. turns into my alarm clock. "Recession, stimulus, unemployment, foreclosures, death, distruction, the world is coming to an end." Okay so the end of that sentence is a little dramatic but the recession that we all wake up to every morning is depressing.  ...more

Looking to Entrepreneurship During Our Economic Crisis

  Looking to Entrepreneurship Education During the Economic Crisis  ...more

Economic Citizenship: The Political Economy of Handknitting

Of Economic Citizenship:  The Political Economy of Handknitting If America is to survive, We the People must rediscover how to be We the People.  Which means: citizens.  Which means: responsible members of this civilization.  Which means: citizenship is more than a legal status and a set of rights and entitlements.  It requires living and acting responsibly in the political, economic, social and cultural realms that, several generations of so-called social scientists to the contrary, cannot be separated. ...more

Drive Out Heart Disease With Jiffy Lube

The facts are really startling.  ...more

Women at a Crossroads - Fem 2.0

Feminism 2.0 at George Washington University was AMAZING.  Jen Nedeau, Cynthia Samuels and I got together and formed a panel about how we as women - in a cross-generational way - reach each other online AND offline.  LaurieWrites graciously liveblogged the panel.  Take a look at the highlights (Cynthia even mentions BlogHer on the panel.) ...more

I really enjoyed this session. It inspired me to write the poem below.

Ananda ...more