Would a Fifth UN Women's Conference Make a Difference?

Jean Shinoda Bolen is asking you to sign a petition for a Fifth UN World Conference on Women. Said petition would be delivered to the UN Secretary-General, to the chair of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, and to the woman who will be appointed to head the new women's "super-agency" in March 2010. Shinoda Bolen explains: ...more

Coakley vs. Brown: No Really, How DID We Get Here?

I spent the better part of the afternoon preparing a post on Scott Brown as a response to Morra before I suddenly realized that, for the most part, my post wasn't so much about how great Scott Brown is and was, but more how great not having universal health care was going to be. Now, to be honest, this wasn't really my fault. It was merely a reaction to the arguments I was hearing in favor of Marcia...pardon me, Martha Coakley, which boiled down to, essentially, this:...more

Most conservatives are furious about the bank bailouts.  The tax on big banks, though, ...more

Women Who Plan to Have Lots of Sex May Be Breaking the Law

On January 7, Alex DiBranco reported at Change.org's Women's rights blog that carrying too many condoms and hanging out with another person can get a woman arrested for prostitution in DC. On January, 11, she noted that this insanity is official policy in New York and San Francisco, too. She followed up the next day with the DC Metropolitan Police Department response. ...more

I just read the premisse of your post to my boyfriend who raised his eyebrows and then asked ...more

Dear Mr. Harry Reid...

Dear Mr. Reid,The comments you made were despicable and dishonorable.  To refer to Mr. Obama as having a better chance of winning the election, because he could basically stop sounding "Negro" at will is simply unbelievable. ...more

Is H&M Alone?

It takes a lot to rile me up, but a New York Times article outlining the wasteful behavior of H&M did it instantly. In case you haven't heard, a New York City H&M store was discovered to be destroying unsold clothing, including coats and gloves. The articles weren't damaged items, they were good condition items that for whatever reason simply had not sold....more

It does sound like a pretty ridiculous and wasteful process, to be shredding good clothes. ...more

Is Sleep a Feminist Issue?

After recapping (to the best of my ability) feminism in the aughts, I am now focused on what I'd like to see happen in the new decade we are in. ...more

I don't think that this post discriminates between women with jobs outside the house and ...more

TSA, Can We Talk?

In case you were worried that the Transportation Safety Administration had not cracked down on those wily terrorists in the week or so since the PantyBomber boarded his plane in Nigeria, you can now rest easy. They have identified and detained a very dangerous terrorist.Joan Rivers....more


Why Lady Gaga's Music Is Feminist - Part 1

Lady Gaga - The Fame (2008) on (Streamline/Konlive/Cherrytree/Interscope) Part 1: Oh snap. Yes, I just said it. Lady Gaga's music is feminist. Why do I say such things? Because I can back it up. And because I love her music, videos, and persona. She is the reason I have actually started to listen to pop music again. So, let me tell you about feminist music.... ...more

We invite you to consider that this New Feminism would be supported by some interesting new ...more

Pro-death Penalty Legal Group Abandons Capital Punishment Work

For nearly 50 years, legal theorists, policy makers and law school educators have referred to the American Legal Institute in articulating and clarifying the case for capital punishment. As the New York Times reported yesterday, the ALI has abandoned its work on the issue. The development may accelerate the trend of states and juries backing away from imposing capital punishment, and it may also affect the way lawyers are educated. ...more

Thank you, Kim, for another thoughtful and timely piece. You may remember I wrote in when ...more