Read the bill: no implantable microchips

As President Barack Obama prepares to address Congress tonight on the subject of health care, a new rumor is percolating through the blogosphere--that the health care reform bill would require everybody to get a microchip embedded in their body so the government can track them. ...more

Several years ago, there was a massive ...more

Health Care Reform Crib Sheet For Busy People Part 2

I  got a letter from my insurance company telling me that they will decide if a medication is valid, not my doctor. The insurance company will decide on the dosage, the length of time I can and can't have the medication and whether I take a prerequisite medication before I can be receive that my doctor wants me to have. This gives me an excellent opportunity to review of my last post. ...more

Of Google, Glenn Beck and Van Jones

Let me start by saying that Glenn Beck drives me bananas. Just the sight of him makes me fly into the kind of rage I usually reserve for Joy Behar and people who wear leggings without an appropriately long shirt (they aren't pants. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS). In fact, I often find myself, when I am at home, alone with a television and an individually-sized Jose Curevo bottled margarita, cursing his very existence and the negative contribution he makes to an already intellectually adrift party. And he needs a new wardrobe. ...more

Princess, I think this is my favorite post of yours that I've ever read on this ...more

Monogamy: Is It an Important Component For a Great Marriage?

If you were in a good marriage and your spouse gave you everything you wanted and needed would you need them to be faithful to you in order for you to  continue to categorize your marriage as a good one?  I recently read an article that was published by a therapist and she wrote about how many couples that have been married for more than 20 years over came the issue of monogamy.  She stated that what these couples wanted in the end was the security of knowing that their spouse would be there for them and would continue to accept and view them as a good friend and that was mor ...more

"Saving the World's Women" in the New York Times

It bothers me a little bit that the small print above the August 23 issue of The New York Times Magazine reads, "Saving the World's Women." I'm not sure why. Maybe there's something weirdly patriarchal about it, conjuring images of women sitting around waiting to be rescued? The word "saving" almost implies some sort of blame, as if the world's women did something stupid and now we need to save them from themselves. Or maybe it is the cultural baggage that comes from an American magazine imploring readers to "save" people, which reminds me of all the "saving" that we did in the past that created a lot of other problems. Anyway, aside from my nitpicky initial reaction to something in minuscule font, it is great that the August 23 issue focuses on women who are marginalized and ignored. ...more

One way to improve health care: Pay doctors to converse with patients

Did you know that according to a 1998 study, it's not unusual for a physician to wait only 18 seconds before interrupting a patient who is trying to describe a medical problem? Doctors who have studied the problem acknowledge that the failure to take the time to get a full medical history and list of symptoms can result in improper diagnoses and inappropriate tests and treatments. It would seem logical that it would also lead to waste and higher health care costs. ...more

The pay structure doesn't reward the things that actually lead to improved patient outcomes - ...more

Everyone Needs a Little Clarity

The election seems like ages ago. Ah, how fondly I remember it: SNL sketches, terrible suits, embarassing debates, promises made that would never be kept. Especially when it comes to the latter, haunting memories of those long days and nights aren't something we want to relive again and again and again. But, there are some things that just won't die, and for the Obama administration, its those sneaky little campaign promises that seem to be coming back to haunt him. ...more

Because Obama is half black, his supporters readily denounce anyone who doesn't agree with ...more

Fourth Anniversary of Katrina: We're Still Here

New Orleans is my city and I love it. I am not alone in this affection. Yet, I drag my feet to write about how it stumbles down the road to recovery. Shouldn't a writer in New Orleans, seeing her city's value, beauty, promise, its failures, blight, and grotesque inequalities revisit its saga often? ...more

 to Nordette and all of you for these excellent links. I have been in a sour mood all ...more

How To Use Hunger To Fuel Political Activism

Last year, after reading BlogHer CE Alanna Kellogg's post about The Hunger Challenge, I joined in though I am not a food blogger like those who created the challenge. I did so because I wanted to challenge myself to increase my awareness of the political issues involved and to motivate my activism to fight hunger in America. ...more

Charitable Deeds - WHAT was I THINKING!?

It started with simple questions: Am I helpful to others? Do my deeds make a difference? Am I bettering my community? Sure. I must be. Right? Only way to tell - keep track of my deeds. And, for good measure, post it for the world to see to keep me on track. We began with a bang - quilts and food banks, cleaning out our closets and sharing our extra with those who had less. ...more