The News Business: The Ultimate Control Freak?

Blogging cuts out the middleman for journalists who are used to working through one, two, even five editors before each story gets published. That simple thought gets right to the heart of the problem with the media industry: The news business is too concerned with control and not with content. ...more

Bush Says Goodbye, Media Loses Target No. 1

I'm not going to mince words: I like George W. Bush. I think the rabid hatred of the man pushed the mercury from ridiculous to scary at times. I stood back in silent amusement when watching those whose claim to fame is preaching tolerance but sadly demonstrated anything but when discussing him. I understand that there are people who dislike Bush just as there are people who dislike Obama. Dislike! Weird common ground, but I'll take it. ...more

"The idea of America, its self-image and sense of identity, uniquely, has always been less ...more

A future Blogger...A new world


Web Rage Suckers

When Tina Fey told her Internet critics to "suck it" after winning the Golden Globe the other night I couldn't help but smile. The kick-ass media dynamo is right. Internet meanies suck. Big time. You know the ones. The lowlife's who hide behind usernames and leave nasty comments on other people's blogs. Or worse the ones who show no shame and trash talk on their own blogs. Just because they can. I bet they're the same types who let loose behind the wheel of a car. ...more

What Recession: the Most Expensive Inauguration in Our Country's History

Alternate title: WWLD? (What Would Lincoln Do?) It's a passing of the torch, literally in Iran, where they've switched out their Bush effigies and have set fire to new Obama ones. Here, preparations are underway for the most expensive inaugural celebrations in our country's history: the swearing-in of Barack Obama. ...more

I just want to point out that a very large percentage of the money spent on the Inauguration ...more

Book Briefs: Billie Jean King and a Midwife's Memoir

By Elizabeth Willse, Contributing Editor   ...more

The Death of the NY Times?

The Death of the NY Times?    The Atlantic Magazine has a very interesting article about the death of print newspapers. The New York Times is the main newspaper discussed in this article. ...more