Should Mamas Let Their Babies Grow Up to Be Journalism Majors?

According to a recent news report, Kevin Li is an accomplished high school student who thinks the leadership and management experience he got from editing his school paper is more important for his future career than the fact that he aced his AP biology exam. Despite that (or perhaps because of it), he says his parents might not pay for college if he majors in journalism. ...more

Should we hold our children back from their dreams because we 'think' they are setting ...more

Interracial Friendships: Living in a Colorblind Society in 2050

For the past few months I have taken to picking up one of Toronto's weekly newspapers, Eye Weekly on a regular basis. It's been around for awhile and recently they have hired a crop of excellent writers. One of the columnist, a young white woman, is especially talented and writes a column on her life in the city....more

I guess I'm not sure why you'd want society to be "color blind".  How can we "celebrate ...more

Is Sleep a Feminist Issue?

After recapping (to the best of my ability) feminism in the aughts, I am now focused on what I'd like to see happen in the new decade we are in. ...more

I don't think that this post discriminates between women with jobs outside the house and ...more

Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me. Wait, Wait, I'm Obsessed!

Like many of you out there, I've been listening to Chicago Public Radio's Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me for a number of years now. Listening to current events get lambasted with sharpness and wit is a good way to prevent oneself from becoming too pissed off about the state of things in the world. Additionally, the Wait, Wait podcast makes runs, walks, and long drives way more informative and amusing than any of them manages to be on its own. And to some degree, Wait, Wait actually forces me to take an active interest in current events. ...more

Charlie Pierce is my favorite panelist, hands down. I'm always disappointed when he's not ...more

TSA Subpoenas Heighten Calls for Federal Shield Law

The clamor for passage of a federal shield law that includes bloggers has risen after two travel bloggers found themselves slapped with subpoenas last week for publishing redacted documents from the Transportation Security Agency. ...more

here's The World News' tweet about the closed ...more

TED:where think tank leaders become video stars

TED:where think tank leaders become video stars ...more

A Decade of Dreams Coming True

In an article in Time Magazine last week, Andy Serwer labeled the past ten years the "decade of broken dreams." What began with 9/11 and ended with an economic depression will go down in history as "the decade from hell." Serwer lists (in long-winded detail) every justification for this dour name, including his main argument. Most of us, he says, are worse off than we were when the clock struck midnight 10 years ago.Ten years ago... wow....more

Green Girls in Tech: Women to Read in 2010

Go to most tech or social media conferences, and you'll see what makes BlogHer's events so different. I think that even those most critical of BlogHer conferences (and I have made my own share of complaints) would agree that these events give deserving women a platform and a voice in a sector and profession that still tends to be notoriously male-dominated. ...more

Thanks for all the good links--if we'll just keep reading all of these women, they will ...more

Feminism and Gender in the Aughts

The last ten years have been nothing if not a roller coaster ride when it comes to feminism and gender. I found the lows to be more plentiful than the highs, but the surprises kept coming. So, in no particular order, here's what stuck out to me: ...more

Civil Discord, Oxford-Style Debate: Why I Heart "Intelligence Squared"

When I was a geeky teenager back in the early 1970s, one of my favorite television shows was a short-lived PBS series called The Advocates, in which well-informed, but ideologically opposed debaters argued over the issues of the day. That was back when people could disagree without impugning each other's patriotism, intelligence or character....more

I listened to the episode on Iran tonight and found it extremely enlightening. Liz Cheney was ...more