Sarah Palin on Oprah: I Prefer The Makeover Shows, I Think

Count me underwhelmed by Sarah Palin, or, to be specific, the person Sarah Palin has become. Or, to be even more specific, the person Sarah Palin became to be interviewed on Oprah about her book yesterday morning. ...more

Whenever anyone addresses exactly what you've said, you guys fall into the same formation ...more

To Get/Keep a Man, Shave to His Will?

I visited a friend in London this past weekend. While I was there, I ate lots and lots of yummy chocolate and cheese and baked goods. I basked in the idea that national health care was a given. Even more, the UK National Health Service doesn't rob women of their reproductive rights by allowing religion to dictate what health services are covered; except for in Northern Ireland, termination (abortion) services are covered. After a horrible week in the US, where Democrats sold out women and allowed religious lobbies to impose their beliefs on my health, I thought about defecting. London is perfect! Well, except that even in the UK, women are told that you need set aside your own preferences and needs if you want to get and keep a man. ...more

I wax for my boyfriend because I know he likes it. It turns me on knowing it turns him on. But I ...more

Precious and The Representation of Blacks in the Media: Do we care too much about what others think?

The release of the movie Precious has gotten black folk atwitter....more

Hi, Laina,

I have said that I wouldn't comment any more on blog posts about this ...more

The Cover of O Magazine # 1

elizabeth: So we have not lost our minds (you can’t lose what you don’t have), but on Monday I saw Ellen Degeneres on Oprah and she got herself on the cover of O.  And Ellen is blond, very funny and married to the very beautiful Portia De Rossi. I am blond, people say I make them chuckle and my wife has a beard and goes by the name of Walter. Okay he’s not really my wife, but I think Ellen and my life have so many parallels that if Oprah let Ellen be on the cover of O, then why not us?...more

Cuban bloggers kidnapped, beaten

Yoani Sánchez, popular Cuban blogger from "Generación Y", was forced into a car and beaten by secret police in Havana along with Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo and Claudia Cadelo, who writes for OctavoCero and Global Voices. ...more

Liz, This is so good to read your post, learn of these women bloggers and have a better clue ...more

Credibility Is More Than Just a Word

Recently, I wrote an article on the importance of personal branding when dealing with online journalism.  One topic I broached but didn't go into detail was on being authentic.  Part of this is being truthful.  Readers can smell a liar and a fake a mile away....more

A Privilege, Not a Right

One of the most frustrating things I come across nearly on a daily basis is a clear lack of understanding when it comes to certain words.  The most recent has been the definition of the word "right".As humans, we all have certain rights.  The United Nations has a clear doctrine in place that covers what rights we have as humans.  The United States expounds further on what basic rights we are afforded....more