Not In My Back Yard, ...or Doctor’s Office

What a week the USA has had. Our president has been in office for a whole year and there has been a very interesting development in the House of Representatives: the election of Massachusetts senator Scott Brown in a state that has been democrat for 50 years....more

Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

If you end up behind me on the twisting roads of my small New England town you'll probably see the heads of several children (mostly) happily bopping around the backseat of my Volkswagen van, some of them mine, some of them friends. You'll see me trying, in vain, to keep order. You'll also probably notice the  Keep Abortion Legal sticker on the back of my van. More than one person has commented on the incongruity of the two images: the van nearly constantly full of children and the pro-choice bumpersticker. I don't see it. ...more

Haiti Aftershocks: Thoughts on Responses

It's been a little over a week since the massive earthquake struck Haiti causing massive devastation and tens of thousands of deaths.  Earlier this week I noted the overwhelmingly positive response and many posts about how to help.  However the reactions of a few have made me crazy. ...more

About Martha Coakley

by Diane Vacca Attention, all candidates and wannabees: Learn a valuable lesson from Martha Coakley.If you want to win, don’t take anything for granted. Fight as if your political life depends on it, because it does....more

LIVE CHAT: BlogHer Talks Education With The White House's Melody Barnes

At 11:30am Eastern, 8:30am Pacific, White House Director of the Domestic Policy Council Melody Barnes will be answering BlogHer's questions on education. You can watch live below. Questions submitted by members of the BlogHer community can be found here. ...more

Race To the Top: Ask the White House About YOUR Child's Education

I'm the mom that pulled her kid out of a traditional public school and put him into a project-based, public, charter school. My now six-year-old's former school was one of the "good" ones. Blue Ribbon. Accreditation. Excellent neighborhood. All that jazz. But their "teach to the test" approach was sucking the life out of my then kindergartner. He was buried in worksheets and stuck in his chair, told not to fidget and subject to the ramifications of the creativity-squashing results of No Child Left Behind. My bright, bright boy ... was getting left behind. ...more

The first reason is that the public education system in the United States is struggling to ...more

Message to Harry Reid: Dude, "Negro" is So 1960s

By now, everyone has probably heard of the Harry Reid and Rod Blagojevich outbursts about society's punching bag ... black folks. In case you haven't been paying attention (which in some ways, is quite sad): In a new book, Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime, Reid is quoted as saying that the  believed Obama could become the country's first black president because he was "light-skinned" and had "no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one." ...more

Help - Breastfeeding Rights

Hello I am trying to find any kind of help or information regarding my rights to breastfeed my 11 month old son.  I had been a victim of domestic violence by his father and finally left September of 2009.  He was arrested and still awaits his trial for spousal abuse, child endargement and crimal threats but have already been to court for custody.  Unfortunately I was a stay at home Mom and when I left I had nothing.  No money for an attorney.  He of course had money for an attorney and he took the custody and DV order to trial.  The judge told me in December th...more
Sorry you are dealing with this, and just a thought, but could ...more

Coakley vs. Brown: No Really, How DID We Get Here?

I spent the better part of the afternoon preparing a post on Scott Brown as a response to Morra before I suddenly realized that, for the most part, my post wasn't so much about how great Scott Brown is and was, but more how great not having universal health care was going to be. Now, to be honest, this wasn't really my fault. It was merely a reaction to the arguments I was hearing in favor of Marcia...pardon me, Martha Coakley, which boiled down to, essentially, this:...more

Most conservatives are furious about the bank bailouts.  The tax on big banks, though, ...more