Meet Congressional Candidate Krystal Ball (Yep, Real Name)

Political blogger Nisha Chattal introduces us to Krystal Ball, a young Democrat running for Congress in Virginia....more

TSA Subpoenas Heighten Calls for Federal Shield Law

The clamor for passage of a federal shield law that includes bloggers has risen after two travel bloggers found themselves slapped with subpoenas last week for publishing redacted documents from the Transportation Security Agency. ...more

here's The World News' tweet about the closed ...more

Canadian Parliament Prorogued - Again?

I was shamelessly following the press conference announcing the Canadian men's Olympic hockey team (we take our hockey very seriously) yesterday on television and twitter when a tweet caught my eye. It said that the Prime Minister's Office had confirmed that Parliament was being being prorogued until March. Um, say what? ...more

Obama and Napolitano: That's a System Failure

For the Obama Administration, and Janet Napolitano in particular, this has been a week full of security mishaps and terrible outerwear....more

EM & Elisa,  You both make good points.  It's hard to have confidence in a ...more

Feminism and Gender in the Aughts

The last ten years have been nothing if not a roller coaster ride when it comes to feminism and gender. I found the lows to be more plentiful than the highs, but the surprises kept coming. So, in no particular order, here's what stuck out to me: ...more

Hurry Up And Wait: With Final Senate Vote on Health Care Complete, The Real Fun Begins

Vice President Joe Biden led the Senate this morning while his colleagues voted from their seats in favor of Senate Bill 3590 (aka "Senate Health Care Bill" aka "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"). The vote was 60-39 along party lines, as expected....more

Voters Want Abortion-Neutral Health Care Reform

A few months ago, I warned that some folks were attempting to misuse healthcare reform to restrict access to abortion. They have come a long way since then, endangering the vital struggle for healthcare — indeed, torpedoing reform is a key goal for many involved in this effort....more

From Sotomayor to The Cost of Being Female: Feminism in 2009

The end of the year is for reflection.  I like to take a look back at all the feminism & gender issues I covered for BlogHer.  Since it's hard for me to remember what happened an hour ago, let alone in July or, heaven forbid, January, this is an important exercise for me. It reminds me what feminists accomplished, what still needs to be done, and what I'll can only laugh about or else I'll be curled up in the fetal position whimpering.  This year, I sorted stories by topic. 1sts ...more

Given how much I missed and my own personal biases on the issues, I would love if people ...more

Video from the White House: Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Answers Your Health Care Questions

Over the weekend, you sent your questions on healthcare to Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, as part of BlogHer's ongoing community journalism initiative connecting bloggers with legislators and political staffers to talk about healthcare reform. Sebelius answered them live at 9:30 AM Eastern time Monday, December 21. ...more

BlogHer is nonpartisan but our bloggers aren't. Morra is one of our ...more