Five joys of snow

Well, the Copenhagen climate change summit ended with a strong message. That message being 'throw another polar bear on the coal-fired power-station, I don't think the Maldives are quite under yet.' Or alternatively, 'finally, we sealed the deal', if you are the UN Secretary General (planet? which?).  ...more

After Copenhagen, Depend on Women to Keep the Momentum on Climate Change

by Kim Knowlton Kim Knowlton, Science Fellow on Global Warming and Health for the Natural Resources Defense Council, has been reporting from Copenhagen for Women's Media Center. Below, Knowlton reports that as WVFC readers may have expected, the real heavy lifting on climate change is and will be done by women, many of whom have experienced its effects firsthand.- Ed....more

Is It A Bad Year to Celebrate Kwanzaa?

I ask that question as I performed a blog search using the African-American holiday (which starts on December 26th until January 1) and all I got was vitriol....well, more than usual. There has always been a healthy skepticism about the holiday which was founded in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga, a professor at California State University, who started the cultural holiday to preserve and promote African Heritage. ...more

Holidays are a celebration.

Rita Arens writes at more

My Trip to 1600 Pennsylvania: The White House Is Enthralled With You

Editor's note: Political Director Erin Kotecki Vest and BlogHer Co-Founder Elisa Camahort Page traveled to Washington D.C. to present to Republican staffers and White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett today. To see the presentation, "Women and Social Media," scroll down to the bottom of the post. I'm going to be the first to admit that I threw up just before heading to the White House. Granted, I have a stomach condition and this is not hard to do...but nerves were really getting the best of me. ...more

My goodness...golly.....cause for pause...tears of gratitude abounding. This is beyond but ...more

President Obama's interview with Oprah

Oprah interviews President Obama and his wife Michelle for a Christmas special on ABC....more

Support Women: Say No to the Bo-Tax!

I am an idiot. For almost five months now, I have been worrying that any national health plan that was passed by Congress would not cover abortion services. It turns out that I have been wringing my hands over the exact wrong thing. What really, really, really scares American women - including the president of NOW, Terry O'Neil - are proposals levy an "almost 5%" tax on critical women's health services: breast augmentations, facelifts, tummy tucks and other procedures. Gasp!!!! ...more

Ultimately, I think this means that unless there are more people in elected positions with ...more

BlogHer Goes To Washington

In 2007, BlogHer Co-founder and CEO Lisa Stone gave me a task. It was simple and direct. My job was to not only make sure BlogHer's political coverage was omni-partisan, but that the BlogHer community's influence and voice was heard from the Bay Area all the way to D.C., and everywhere in between. ...more

How very exciting! It was so fun to keep track of you via your Tweets today. And I'm glad ...more

Obama's Role in the Black Unemployment Crisis

Ahh Obama. His presidency has brought joy and pain (like sunshine and rain). Joy, as many across the world rejoiced at the fact that an African-American man, (yes I know he is part-white but widely perceived as Black, don't hate), a Democrat, and someone who at least on face value seems relatively sane, is President. ...more

You know you've got the perfect name for a blog in these times. :-)

I probably have ...more

What Just Happened? Is The Public Option Dead?

I'm still not entirely sure what happened last night between Senate majority leader Harry Reid and a group of 10 Democratic Senators. We know they talked health care reform. We know they reached a "deal" between moderate and liberal Democrats. We know the President is happy. But other than that, it's all speculation and punditry with a few details leaking out here and there. ...more

It was never really clear to me how viable the public option was in the first ...more

Obama: Back Away From Tiger

I was going to write about the Climate Summit in Copenhagen, but being that I hang around with Republicans, I get more than enough of rich people telling poor people how they should be running their lives. And, frankly, I sucked at science, and had biology with the football coach so you know what? I don’t understand a lot of stuff about science. I get physics. I can do some math. Not a lot of math, but put the math in a Mythbusters episode and I can pretty much follow along as long as explosions are involved. But climatology?...more