Climate Change: Fighting Hunger

We live in a changing world.We live in an uncertain world.We live in a HUNGRY world. Helping people help themselves. Turning Hunger into Hope. Because the future is now.To find out more:  ...more

Judicial Confirmations Lag Under Obama Administration

Last week, Jacquelyn Nguyen became the first Vietnamese-American judge to be confirmed by the US Senate for the Federal judiciary. That's a salutatory achievement to be sure, but it was made all the more remarkable by the fact that Nguyen is only the 11th of Pres. Obama's judicial nominees to win Senate confirmation....more

BlogHer Contributing Editor, Britt ...more

Stem Cell Research: When You Mix Religion, Science and Politics, You Get Controversy.

This week president Obama announced the release of 13 new embryonic stem cell lines to be used for research.  Scientists are hopeful that this research could someday treat or even cure diseases like Diabetes, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and spinal cord injuries (just to name a few).   But this decision isn't without controversy. ...more

I don't see why it is wrong to harvest organs from stem cells.  There are just too many ...more

A Good 24 Hours for Health Reform

AAUW staff and members were among the 1,200 people who descended on the corridors of Capitol Hill yesterday as part of the “Stop Stupak” coalition. Stupak, of course, refers to Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), the Michigan congressman who inserted an amendment into the House-passed version of health reform legislation that would jeopardize women’s access to complete and safe reproductive health care coverage. The day’s events on Capitol Hill, which included meetings with congressional offices, briefings, and a rally attended by several members of Congress, were matched by various events taking place around the country as people took action in individual states. From Washington, DC, to the state of Washington, friends and allies united as one in our common cause to ensure that the Stupak amendment does not become law....more

Powerful Women Video Newsmix: Diane Sofrito, Meredith Baxter Burney, and more

by Chris LombardiToday, we're doing a different kind of Newsmix — because our Youtube has been overflowing with the voices of women in midlife. Mostly, they're not talking about midlife itself, but speaking from the well of strength and experience and power it represents, in connection with the most current of events....more

Stopping the Stupid - Er, I Mean Stupak - Amendment

Sometimes you don't need to be psychic to see the future. Back in July, I wrote about why I couldn't support health care reform unless it included the full spectrum of reproductive rights, including abortion. ...more


Stupak/Nelson/Whatever is horrible but not a surprise. American lawmakers ...more

Is Huckabee History?

You know, I've written those words more times than I care to think about. Its not like this is the very first time anyone has ever penned the obituary for the Mike Huckabee's political career, nor is this the last time someone will ever comment on how this situation or that discovery is threatening to drop him off the face of the planet, only to have him rebound spectacularly.I mean, I'm not that lucky. He will haunt me forever. Because, of course, I love him that much....more

Three Gift Ideas to Change the World

Every year, the international community spends more on gifts during the holiday season than is needed to end hunger for a year. Many of the gifts bought are soon forgotten—raise your hand if you’ve never received socks, candles, or bath salts in your Christmas stocking! Well, here are three ideas for anyone searching of original gifts ideas that will also help feed the world’s hungry! 1. Gift of Hope (