Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Decision May Be a Disaster for Republicans

 Nick Anderson, Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist,...more

Street Style: Day 1 at the Republican National Convention

The style quotient was high inside and outside the Republican National Convention on Day 1. From reporters in stylish galoshes to delegates in tailored leather blazers, storm conditions didn’t dampen (pun intended) the style of GOP convention attendees. ...more

Day 1 at the Republican National Convention

Tropical Storm Isaac forced the Republican National Convention to postpone much of Day One’s official events. However, there was plenty of activity, especially amongst the press. Armed with my trusty SONY DSLR, I captured some of activities. Copyright @KathrynFinney BlogHer Editor in Chief, Stacy Morrison, braves Tropical Storm Isaac on her way to the Tampa Convention Center ...more


Welcome to my blog, my name is john Jones and i am from phoenix Arizona. I am twenty nine years old and I love to talk about politics. I know it is a boring topic especially at this time of the year when the temperatures are super high. I love to talk about politics because whether we like it or not, every political decision that is made in this country affects all of us....more

War on Women.

Every time the Presidential elections show their ugly faces. One party always seems to get by through the singling out and vilifying of one group or another in this great country. Typically gay marriage would be the hot topic of right wing assault but with more states going "pro gay" this year with pro gay marriage legislation. the war seems to be on women. Abortion is not a new political talking point but 2012 is quickly turing out to be the year of mass uterine hysteria....more

A Nice Lasagne Crosses Party Lines

Company's coming. What will you serve? Maybe you should check their voter registration cards at the door....more

Berkeley Race Baiting Bake Sale Misses the Point

[Update: The race-based bake sale was held as scheduled on Tuesday, along with several counter protests, including a Magical Muffins bake sale with different prices for Muggles and Wizards. --Grace]...more
@Paul Maguire Very interesting perspective from Ireland, Paul! Thanks for stopping by.more

From the Left: Recap & Reflections on Republican Primary Debate #3

When I wrote about June's New Hampshire debate, I wrote that answering the question of what I want in a candidate has two parts: first, the policy part, and second, the competency part. Neither takes precedence over the other in any absolute way, but I defined the competency piece as going " overall experience, dedication, integrity, sincerity, thoughtfulness, consistency and respect for all voters, not just the ones that will vote you in, once you are in office."...more

July 4th Celebrations Create Republican Kids?

Is a kid who attends 4th of July celebrations more likely to become a Republican?One study out of Harvard says so. The findings indicate that a child who attends at least one rain-free 4th of July celebration before the age of 18 is 4 percent more likely to vote Republican before the age of 40. And when eventual voting behavior is not considered, these children are still two percent more likely to identify as conservative....more

The notion makes me laugh.

Having not read the study, I'd like to know if they took into ...more

2012 Election: May Depend on New Voters

In 2007, the Obama campaign knew they couldn’t win with existing voters. The momentum for the Democratic nomination was with Hillary Clinton. In order to win, his campaign had to generate new voters....more