July 4th Celebrations Create Republican Kids?

Is a kid who attends 4th of July celebrations more likely to become a Republican?One study out of Harvard says so. The findings indicate that a child who attends at least one rain-free 4th of July celebration before the age of 18 is 4 percent more likely to vote Republican before the age of 40. And when eventual voting behavior is not considered, these children are still two percent more likely to identify as conservative....more

The notion makes me laugh.

Having not read the study, I'd like to know if they took into ...more

2012 Election: May Depend on New Voters

In 2007, the Obama campaign knew they couldn’t win with existing voters. The momentum for the Democratic nomination was with Hillary Clinton. In order to win, his campaign had to generate new voters....more

Why Michele Bachmann has to be Double Agent for the Democratic Party.

We want to tell Chris Matthews to take a chill pill and to not get so incensed about the things Michele Bachmann says. For example, in an interview during the mid-term elections, Chris asked Ms....more

The Path to Prosperity

If you know any conservatives, chances are they are giddy today over Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan for FY 2012, aptly named The Path to Prosperity....more

Budget Battles Begin Over Republicans Proposed $61 Billion In Cuts

Centerist Cynic www.whatweshouldknowblog.com We are in the beginning stages of a Federal budget battle.  So here are some of the basics.  The current fight is over both the 2011 and 2012 budgets.  What is taking center stage currently though is what is called a Continuing Resolution for 2011.  The United States is currently operating without a formal 2011 budget.  The Federal Government is being kept open by a stop gap measure called a continuing resolution that provides funding through March 4, 2011....more

Inside the Conservative Political Action Conference

Each year, conservatives converge on Washington, DC for the Conservative Political Action Conference. Started in 1973 by the American Conservative Union (ACU), the event has grown to be the largest right-of-center conference of the year. This past weekend, more than 11,000 people attended and set a new record. ...more

I understand your concers about the social programs and have the same feelings about defense ...more

Tough State Budget Cuts Are Inevitable

Centerist Cynic www.whatweshouldknowblog.com The combined budget shortfall of all 50 states is somewhere around $125 billion.  There is little or no appetite for raising taxes in the state houses.  States are forced by their constitutions to balance their budgets.  There is little chance the federal aid that allowed states to avoid deep cuts in 2009 and 2010 will be make it out of Congress this year.  That is the situation and it will require states to make deep funding cuts in&...more

Good start to GOP House?

In news that makes makes my cold, hard conservative heart happy, the House is scheduled to vote on a repeal of Obamacare on Friday....more

Republicans Are Not Only on Fire, They're Smokin'

Elizabeth Wurtzel, whose tirade against the Bar exam briefly became my mantra about 3 months ago, just wrote an interesting piece for The Atlantic (formerly the Atlantic Monthly). Wurtzel is an off-the-deep-end liberal, but a hell of a great writer, and I'm not partisan when it comes to wordsmithing....more

Interesting points - and well said. more

Not-so-New Right Wing Women

By Abby Scher, cross-posted at On The Issues Magazine...more