More Whine's an epidemic!

The White House has a serious case of the whine flu. Seems like no matter what they do, they can't shake it! It's gotten so bad that they are trying to shut Fox News up.......The Obama administration does not like Fox News because they have a difference of opinion.......what happend to free press? Freedom of speech?...more

Getting Mad as Hell on Health Care and Not Taking it Anymore

Women on Capitol Hill seem to be mad as hell when it comes to health care and they're not taking it anymore. This week, women Senators and members of Congress started speaking out collectively about the lack of interest and, perhaps, the lack of respect that women's medical issues are getting in the health care reform debate. ...more

That's a great reminder of how far we have come and how far we have to go.  I wuold love ...more

The Joys of Womenhood

Okay, a very fun morning......a trip to the gyno. Why is it, that our yearly check up never gets easier? 50+, 2 kids, yada yada, and no, it never gets any better. You start dreading it about a week before. Then you start thinking, should I call and cancel?...more

Taking the Court by Storm

Her nomination to the Court may have been controversial (at least at first, until nearly everyone realized that not only was she qualified, but she was replacing, of all people, David Souter), but brand new Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is not allowing that to hamper her first week on the bench. Instead, she's proving that she was born for her job....more

Hey Joanne,

Your legal-eagle-eyed view of the SCOTUS proceedings would be a great read. ...more

The Groovey Mom............

For a conservative view and "common sense" ideas.......view my Commom Sense page.


Thank You Denise...I think I'm getting it.....just new to blogher.  I ...more

One Day, No Hate

The political discourse in this country is palpable.  Hell, the monster has a life of it's own and is showing its gnashing, foamy teeth.  There is mudslinging, accusations, and threats being hurled about, shutting down all hope for a real conversation, let alone a clear answer....more

I agree that it is possible. I DO NOT put up with the hate speech.  I call people on it ...more

Frontal Assault on Reproductive Health Care

Senator Debbie Stabenow is on a roll for women's health care. First, she took on Senator Jon Kyl about his proposal that maternity care shouldn't be provided for in the health care reform package: ...more

You are right on the money with this one! It is all about ideology and the pressure the ...more

Should Obama Be Killed Poll is No Joke: Secret Service Investigates

Somebody on Facebook created a disturbing poll with the question "Should Obama Be Killed?" The Secret Service is investigating, confirm news sources, and blogger GottaLaff at The Political Carnival says she's gotten a "thank you" call from the agency for supplying it with a screen shot of the poll. The agency caller told her "without it, they wouldn't have been able to address the matter." She writes: Last night I posted about a scary Facebook entry, specifically a poll asking whether Obama should be killed. ... ...more

Jesse Farmer is not the person who created the Should Obama Be Killed Poll, but he's had to ...more

Michelle Obama - The New Secret Weapon on Health Care?

In the battle for health care reform, the White House has unleashed its new secret weapon -- Michelle Obama! She gave an amazingly inspired speech to the White House Council on Women and Girls last week. The First Lady shared the speaking duties with three women from around the country who shared their stories that proved one of the biggest statements the First Lady made during her remarks -- that women are being crushed by the current health system. ...more

I love our First Lady. And at the same time I'm worried about national health care and our ...more

The Confederate Flag – The Push Me Pull You of Culture and Race

Tenured Radical had a post on the 2009 conservative march in Washington. If you follow the link you will see two men holding a flag. I also encourage you to read her full post. When I see the fabric that is called the “Confederate flag” I have very specific emotions. They are visceral. I feel fear inducing recollections based in historical facts and events. No, this is not about bashing white people. ...more
SallyOh I would and will write that there is blood on that flag. I can't afford to make ...more