Want Equal Rights? Truth Is - Just Take Them!

"If women want any rights more than they's got, why don't they just take them, and not be talking about it." —Sojourner Truth, former slave, abolitionist, Methodist minister, and early U.S. women’s rights leader...more

Exposure is 'The New Black?'

I nominate anyone out there in cyberspace to become the president of the BLOGGERS’ union we’re all going to start.  Do I have a second for this nomination?  Or a name for either the candidate or the union?  How about BOOB...Best Official Outraged Bloggers as the name of our union?  Think of all the male members we would get Why start a bloggers union?...more

If only we could face the TRUTH about America’s current recession

According to Lawrence Lessig, there are two places we are in denial:...more

Sappho Speaks: Alice, You’ve Really Stepped In It Now!!!

What Would Sappho Say? Lectori Salutem! or L.S. (Greetings to the Reader!) With the Royal premiere of Alice in Wonderland this past week I thought I’d bring her into the mix for what I’m sure will bring some jeers from the peanut gallery. And as Alice blindly and without much forethought ran down the rabbit hole into Wonderland (or was it?) so do children born of their parents follow them into the family’s religious fold. It is a predestined plan, one the child has no control over and once indoctrinated will fight to the death for those beliefs as strongly as their parents before them. Religion is really a geography problem easily solved with money when you get right down to it....more

Sappho Speaks: Liberals, Labeling and How Much We Lose

What Would Sappho Say? Lectori Salutem! or L.S. (Greetings to the Reader!) I know we were all taught as children not to call each other names and we know how much racism hurts us as a culture (or at least I hope those reading this blog do) but there as so many more ways we use labels in our lives that shut us off from groups, from information, and from individuals and if you are anything like me, it takes someone pointing it out every now and then for a real wake up call to happen in your life so change can begin to rebuild your way of interacting in the world....more

Celebrating National Women's History Month

March 1 marks the start of National Women's History Month, and AAUW has strong ties to this annual celebration of women history makers. AAUW is an established historic organization that has helped — and continues to help — women make history.With that in mind, AAUW is excited to partner with the National Women's History Project in its 30th anniversary year, which has the theme "Writing Women Back into History." There will be many ways for AAUW members and supporters to get involved this year, and AAUW's Women's History Month celebrations will include the following: A Flickr stream of photos If you have photos of a Women's History Month event to share, please upload them to AAUW's Flickr stream by e-mailing the photos to mess90zap [at] photos.flickr.com*. Please be sure to include a short caption for each photo in the subject line or in the text of your e-mail message and indicate that the photos are for National Women’s History Month. Women's History Month-related photos will be available for viewing directly on the Flickr account. A YouTube video campaign AAUW staff members will be filming short videos about women they are honoring during Women's History Month that will be uploaded to AAUW's YouTube channel. If you would like to share a Women's History Month-related video that you’ve made, just upload it to your own account and send in the link via e-mail. We will collect videos from AAUW branches and members and online supporters and share them through the blog and/or Facebook. ...more

Our Young People Don't Deserve AIDS

Being a teenager nowadays is completely different than when I was making my way through my golden years (only 10 years ago). Our teens are facing sexual challenges and peer situations earlier and earlier in life. And, if we want to reach them, then we have to let go of our prejudices against them and set the lack of understanding aside. Too often, I hear older adults write off the teenage crowd with statements like “These young people are out of control,” or “We can’t help them because they just don’t want to listen.”...more

BlogHers, Join Her on the Bridge!

It’s been 100 years since March 8th was designated International Women’s Day, and women worldwide have yet to achieve the equality they envisioned so long ago. In times of war, they are still the primary targets of systematic rape, torture, displacement and pillaging....more

Why I support a Millon Women Rise

On Saturday, in London, it is the Million Women Rise March and on Monday, it is International Women’s Day. Today I was enraged to hear about yet another woman who was murdered by her male partner.  Today this post is about a cause that I am passionate about – ending violence against women and I hope to return to the subject in the upcoming weeks and months.  The post below is a slightly edited version of a post I wrote in November about why this cause is so important to me. ...more

My Trip to Haiti: First Impressions of the Aftermath and the Children

I got to Jacmel today.We left Miami early this morning and flew in to Port au Prince. I'm not sure what I expected - but the scene at the airport was crazy. I was told that it wasn't all that different from normal. The gates were completely swamped with people - all of them wanted to help us, so we would tip them. ...more


As someone who just returned from Haiti, my best unwarranted advice is to ...more