TSA, Can We Talk?

In case you were worried that the Transportation Safety Administration had not cracked down on those wily terrorists in the week or so since the PantyBomber boarded his plane in Nigeria, you can now rest easy. They have identified and detained a very dangerous terrorist.Joan Rivers....more


Obama and Napolitano: That's a System Failure

For the Obama Administration, and Janet Napolitano in particular, this has been a week full of security mishaps and terrible outerwear....more

EM & Elisa,  You both make good points.  It's hard to have confidence in a ...more

Why It's Okay to be Person Most Likely to Stand in Front of a Tank To Stop It and Continue Military Work in Afghanistan

If there was a high school yearbook category Person Most Likely to Stand in Front of a Tank To Stop It, I'd be the winner hands down.And yet, there's no way I would support a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan post-haste. This blog entry, A Commitment Strategy to Afghanistan, by Lorelei Kelly offers a great explanation but here's the crux for me (I recommend reading the whole column though):...more

Jill this is such a great post, crammed with wonderful references and new information. ...more

War Is Over? Maybe. Sort Of. One Day.

After weeks of agony, several trips abroad and more meetings than should have ever been necessary, President Obama has decided to follow the advice of General McChrystal and commit 30,000 new troops to Afghanistan over the next three years. And then, after those three years, we leave with the understanding that the Afghani government, which has been incapable of functioning in the several years we've been hanging around their nation, has their crap together and is, against all odds, a working Democratic government....more

3 Years, 30-Thousand Troops: Obama To Detail Afghan War Surge

From the Washington Post:...more


I just hate that anything comes to war. Its all so depressing and horrible. But ...more

The Charter for Compassion - can it help change the world?

In February of 2008, Karen Armstrong made a very big wish. It came true this month. Her wish was to assemble the thoughts from people around the world and to have global religious leaders develop a "Charter For Compassion" that would inspire action and change. ...more

You are very kind. I appreciate your telling me that you like what you read. It really does ...more

A mother's stark choice: foster care or providing for her child and serving her country

What if a white male single dad had a 10 month-old, adorable baby boy. Say his wife had died tragically and he had no extended family….The dad was in the army, and he was deployed to Afghanistan. The dad had nowhere for his baby to go while he was deployed… what would happen? I bet that baby would not go to foster care....more

I agree with you 100%, Denise. I have put together family care plans for 6 years now and I ...more

Me and the D.C. Sniper

I don't remember too much about how that day started. But I can't seem to forget the hours that followed. I was on my way back from Dunkin Donuts when I learned my 2 year old daughter and I were in the path of a shooting spree.We had stood on the sidewalk beside the long, low brick elementary school watching with the other parents in a crowd of strollers and milling younger siblings while Finn and his classmates lined up behind his hawk-nosed and eyed kindergarten teacher, Ms. Blumenthal....more

Thanks so much for your comment. You said a lot. I know what you mean about how we ask our ...more

The pain of being Pakistan: An update on the terror war's third front

Much as we would like to believe that the long-drawn West Asian wars will end soon, the fact is that the U.S. now has a third front to its war on terror: Pakistan. And the Pakistan front is likely to be open for a long time. As a Taliban spokesperson reportedly said: "We are prepared for a long war." ...more

Well, the mistrust in the sub-continent is now new, mow is it???? IT's been since the ...more