10 things I like about the monsoons

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The Calm Before the Storm

BlogHer – NaBloPoMo March 2, 2014The Calm Before the StormSending blessings to all of you that have been or are going to be hit hard by ‘Storm Titan’.  I think we are going to miss most of it.  Today is sunny with highs in the 70′s, (Fahrenheit).  Tomorrow’s high is predicted to be in the 40′s with rain.Earlier in the week, they were talking about strong thunderstorms in our area.  Now, the forecast has changed to light freezing rain or sleet early on Monday morning.We will just have to wait and see what northeast Alabama gets....more

Today Is One Day Closer To Spring


Rough to Exercise

I had my flip fitness exercise class tonite.Even though the weather kept some gals away, there were enough of us to keep moving for a while.It felt good to be able to do so, even though I was a little more pensive than I normally would have been. I found that the physical activity lets your mind work on a few things too!I walked into the class with the world on my shoulders, but when I left, the world wasn’t quite as heavy.Hold a good thought for yours truly .I could use them right now.Thanks....more

Another snow day

Thankfully, our three cats were much better-behaved today. I say thankfully, because as it turns out we have to be cooped up inside with them all day AND evening - even though we'd planned to get out tonight - due to a nasty batch of weather that hit us throughout last night, this morning, and into the early part of the afternoon. Snow, snow, and still more snow. ...more

Having a Heat Wave**as if**

Well, I guess the fact that it was 33 out made me feel that way.The movie about Day After Tomorrow,with Dennis Quade, would have adored the ice formations in the bay this weekend.If you wanted rocks for your liquor, all you had to do was go down to the jetty and there was all the rocky ice!...more

An "and one" rain...

Lest you think I actually understand anything about the sport of basketball, let me make it clear. Anything I know comes from watching each of my five children play the sport at some level; I never played myself. (And, yes, I am tall. That does not give one the ability or the desire to play that sport. I preferred softball.)...more
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Signed, Cold in Florida

Dear Weather Maker,Dare I say it? I am cold. Yes, I live in Florida. And, yes, I do feel sorry for myself....more
Haha! Good for you! We did end up with a balmy two days of near 80, at least, and then a storm ...more

Random Thoughts on the Polar Vortex

When I moved to Minnesota, I looked forward to having the occasional snow day.  Work from home, bake something to warm up the house, feel cozy.  I didn’t expect to be afraid of the temperature.  Seriously....more

Dear Polar Vortex

 January 8, 2014 Dear Polar Vortex:      You may have won a few of the battles over the last couple of days here at our house, but you didn’t keep us down.  ...more
I clearly was the last person to hear the term polar vortex (I heard it on tv once yesterday on ...more