Five joys of snow

Well, the Copenhagen climate change summit ended with a strong message. That message being 'throw another polar bear on the coal-fired power-station, I don't think the Maldives are quite under yet.' Or alternatively, 'finally, we sealed the deal', if you are the UN Secretary General (planet? which?).  ...more

After Copenhagen, Depend on Women to Keep the Momentum on Climate Change

by Kim Knowlton Kim Knowlton, Science Fellow on Global Warming and Health for the Natural Resources Defense Council, has been reporting from Copenhagen for Women's Media Center. Below, Knowlton reports that as WVFC readers may have expected, the real heavy lifting on climate change is and will be done by women, many of whom have experienced its effects firsthand.- Ed....more

So Much Content

I'm wrapping gifts.I made an ass out of myself last night, which only Danny witnessed. I find it both hilarious yet embarrassing, so if you ask politely I will share the story. I made my first official sale!I got a $20 tip which I used to buy Danny and myself dinner @ Denny's. I think I'm pretty much done all my Christmas shopping. I got another beading order. ...more

Climate Change: Fighting Hunger

We live in a changing world.We live in an uncertain world.We live in a HUNGRY world. Helping people help themselves. Turning Hunger into Hope. Because the future is now.To find out more:  ...more

Over The Meadow And Through The Woods

In this story I am the grandmother and it’s my house that’s in the woods.  But that wasn’t where I headed for Thanksgiving.  I drove away from my northern California redwood forest, as I often do, to spend Thanksgiving in the city with my daughter and granddaughter.   ...more

Climate Change Sceptic

Climate Change Sceptic: ...more

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India's monsoon disaster and climate change

[Updated to add below new related links to stories about India and climate change]...more

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Disaster zone: Quakes, tsunami, flooding devastate Pacific region

A series of powerful deep sea earthquakes , tsunami, typhoons and floods in the Pacific region on Tuesday and Wednesday have left behind scenes of devastation and death, bringing back fears and memories of the deadly 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. ...more

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I must ...more

Flood Part 1