Eggs, bread and Milk, oh my/!

 They are calling for a storm, a winter storm.Uh-huh…I shudder to think of the amount of folks in line at Shop Rite and Acme getting staples as though it were the end of the world.Yes, I have been guilty of that in the past, but there gets to be a point where fighting the crowd isn’t worth it.We went Monday night to Shop Rite and got some staples so we are set....more

When the Furnace Dies

Monday 10:31 AM. The furnace guy just arrived. We are literally about to throw a party.Earlier in the weekend (Friday to be exact), I broke down and turned on the furnace, rationalizing that recovering from a cold was a good reason. We've been enjoying very low bills this summer due to the cool weather and lack of AC running so I was loathe to break that cycle by cranking up the gas bill....more

Football Sunday

I normally root for one collegiate football team.Professional football I can watch, but it really doesn’t rock my world.However…This season my hometown’s team has a new coach.Call me a fair-weather fan,but we have one win under our teams’ belt.End result of this? We aregoing to try to watch the first quarter at a place known for the goldenarches-after all,we are sans electric…lol…at least until UndisclosedDeux is done its’ construction....more

Wednesday Update

The girls and I are hanging around trying to get our day started. We had a good night and morning, with the advent of the cool front,or Zush off her meds, or a combination of both. Now if I could only get the weather to cooperate, well, the grey in my hair would cut down considerably. It is a good week to be on vacation. We are enjoying the quiet of the neighborhood, and will probably return back to Undisclosed Deux later today.It’s kind of funny though, because,you really don’t mind the city when the weather cools and the kids are back in school. ...more

Today's the day

Hopefully ,by this time tomorrow,I’ll have an idea of what is going on with my back. The pain has gotten down considerably with Aleve and icing at night and morning. When you have enough medical history as I do, well,it still gives you a few nervous moments. We went on a family walk last night and all enjoyed the nice breezy weather.It’s incredible to see how much more energy Zush has, as do I, when the weather breaks for a bit. It made me stop and realize that half of August is gone. Enjoy your Thursday! ...more

If only...

The heat is continuing here, allegedly through tomorrow night, with the promise of a possible thundershower tonight. Hah! I should be so lucky! The fur girls and I go out for walks but the three of us come back in a puddle of drool mixed with my sweat.There isn’t enough fluid to keep me moving, and although I know you have to eat, well maybe we should have heat more, as it is a pretty decent appetite suppressant. As I write this, I am looking out the window and for mid-July, the bushes and plants have lost their true richness of green: they are looking somewhat peaked. ...more

Whale of a Day

Our town at undisclosed location was founded in 1680 as a whaling village .Traditionally they celebrate their history with a street festival they call Whale of a Day. It is traditionally celebrated the Saturday after the Fourth of July. Jim and I cranked up the air and left the fur girls in it while we walked down to take in the street fair. The heat was tremendous, but we had lunch and listened to a couple local musicians perform. As we walked back, you could only fry in the heat, and savor the air conditioning you went back to. ...more

Friday Wrap-Up

It's been an interesting week of  rescheduling, trying to get enough sleep to be productive and just function. I'm so glad for the weekend because I really need to relax and recharge. I don't know how much relaxing is going to get done but I'll try....more

Frugal Betty

Oh what a beautiful day! I am so happy to see the sun out. We had a great play date today and now our daughter is sleeping. Upon waking I think I will feed her some lunch and head out. It is too nice to stay inside and we have been stuck inside all week! I am going nuts. As some of you know I am a stay at home mom.....when people hear that they assume I spend my days at the gym, getting nails done and eating Bon bons. It really bothers me. People would be surprised by how much we live off of....more

It's A Beautiful Friday

Okay it's a beautiful, rainy Friday, but Friday none-the-less! It's been raining all night and it's supposed to continue into the afternoon. I don't mind the rain if I have no errands to run. When I do, not so much. The grass is peeking through, so I'm sure by the end of the weekend the snow will be long gone.This week has been pretty productive. I'll be joining a couple of writing groups and a local animal group within my city. All of which I've been thinking about for the last couple of years. So this year is about just doing it, moving forward....more