Yes, Even if I was Only Scooping the Poop!!

Yesterday's weather was very mild yesterday in upstate South Carolina.  I have to admit, I left the kichen door open to the screened porch for a good while yesterday evening.  Loving fresh air, I am so thankful to have a home that was built back in the day when catching breezes was a design standard.  Built in a bygone era, the Manor was situated correctly, facing the south, with the "master's" bedroom on the eastern approach so that the sun would awaken him for his duties of the day.  The guest rooms, on the western side, allowed leisu...more

Monday Chat/Weekend Wrap-Up

It's a beautiful Monday. The sun is shining & it's not too cold out. Woke up to the beautiful sounds of rain, early this morning. Waking up to rain puts me in a good mood. I have no idea why, it just does. I'm hoping that the weather stays this way for the rest of the week. Although the downside of the milder weather is the bugs are crawling out of their hibernation spots....more

Just Another Monday

Not much happening in my neck of the woods. It's cold, rainy & the sun is hiding. The streets are bare but it's Monday afternoon, so that's normal.  Today is just about writing and looking for the next big gig....more

Hurricane Sandy + Nor-easter skips "Flood City" Johnstown Pennsylvania -- Mostly

Tuesday October 30th.  Residents of "Flood City" Johnstown Pennsylvania woke to find the monster Great Lakes Nor-easter Hurricane Sandy storm had largely skipped the small Laurel Highlands City of 20,000 residents. With rain beginning Sunday evening and increasing in intensity across Monday, Johnstown residents braced for the worst.  With temperatures across the Laurel highlands in the low 40s and winds gusting to up to 60 mph, the storm's rain brought misery, particularly for commuters using Johnstown's extensive Camtran public transportation system....more

Monday/Weekend Wrap-Up

Just enjoying the highly energized wind gusts & rain. Hopefully some of the leaves will get blown off of our lawn in the commotion. Also hoping that there won't be any fatalities, with this latest set of storms. It was so funny with Kai the cat yesterday (Sunday). She had no interest in going out, on her harness, with the wild weather. It wasn't raining but she knew this weather isn't normal. She was having none of it & turned away from the door & actually hid under the cubby-hole where the shoes go....more

Skirt Alert!

 Skirt Alert ...more

A size 12 is not fat. Recovering from prescription drug-induced anorexia

Autumn has come and with it, much cooler weather.  I live and have always lived in a northern climate where snow and often lots of it is the norm, often beginning in mid to late October.  Here in Cambria County, Pennsylvania we experienced our first frost of the season on September 25th, 2012.  It's getting nippy outside already.  Time to switch our clothes from summer towards winter. ...more
jjscholar Anorexia is dangerous for everyone, regardless of gender. Please discuss your concerns ...more

Weekend Wrap-up- August 27th, 2012

This Monday started off great. For some reason I love waking up to a nice, heavy rainfall. The dark skies and lack of sun doesn't effect me in a negative way. It's calming and relaxing. Anyone else not bothered by rainy, gloomy weather?Today is back to editing my short story. I was supposed to be working on that this weekend but other than checking my email I zoned out for the most part. 2012 will not pass without my story being published, somewhere in some format. It will happen!My course is going well. My days are busier but that's to be expected....more

No, It Is Not Hot Enough For Me

Summer, with its beauty, is not without its thorns. Every 15 seconds during this long awaited favorite season of the year, when hit by hot, very hot weather, we are subjected to one of the most rhetorical, purposeless phrases of our language. As if the sting of salty sweat dripping from our brow into our eyes wasn't enough, we must also be asked "Hot enough for ya?" ...more
Love this post! I've lived in South Asia. Now, nothing here in North America seems hot anymore, ...more