The weather report!

This morning I was stuck in my car in the snow when going to the hospital with my little girl – nothing serious though. Last night it was a snow storm here in the 66° north! Sometimes  I get fed up with all this snow, at other times I sense the immense beauty in this beast.  Because that cold beauty of January brings us a kind of feelings that no other season draws out.  On the whole there´s a stark loveliness about January. The harsh weather tends to strip Mother nature to her bare essentials, and we see her beauty in high relief....more

Walking in a Windsor Wonderland?

The weather in Windsor - at least the weather we've experienced since we moved here at the end of October - is thoroughly confusing me. ...more


We are having a wonderful winter.  Not like the last two with freezing temperatures for weeks, frozen water pipes, breaking ice on livestock tanks and stall buckets and brutal winds. Don't get me wrong - I love chill, snow and beautiful winter skies, but I feel for our animals when the temperature takes a significant dive.  Are they warm enough?  Are they getting enough to eat and drink? Do they have a good wind break?  All tough questions when you are snug and warm inside by the fire.  So, I am really enjoying this winter and looking forward to a warm, wet spring....more

Attn: Bureau of Weather Regulation

To Whom It May Concern,I am writing to lodge a complaint against the current deliverables from your Seattle Metro Area regional department. My dissatisfaction extends back for most of the past six months, but what we have received lately has been especially undesirable....more

Early Winter Wonderland

We got our first snow of the season today and I know I am probably in the minority but I love love love it! I will probably change my tune after driving through it for a few months but the first one is always so beautiful. There is something so calming and reassuring about the change of seasons for me. Mikey absolutely does not agree with me and could happily live in a climate where it is 80 degrees every day and never miss Wisconsin but I love that we get to experience the best of all the four seasons....more

On Luck and a Lack of Traffic Lights

Either their is forcefield of infinite electricity surrounding my house, or I'm lucky.I think I'm lucky....more

Hell on Earth? No, It's Just Texas Weather

Here in Texas, we are in a drought of Biblical proportions.  Most of the state is in a "D4" stage of drought which is labeled "exceptional".  Yeah, it's hot and dry. (For anyone living in the deserts of the western United States, just stop reading now.  I'm going to whine a lot about our heat and triple digit temperatures.  You live with that every summer.  We're not used to it.  So please, pat my head and let me get it out.  Then we can have a popsicle together.) ...more


I decided that I needed to escape this weekend.  Escape from my life and the stresses that have plagued me lately.  So Thursday I told The Hubby that I was heading for the cabin a day early and off I went.  It was wonderful.  He arrived late Friday so that meant I spent time visiting with Harri, going to Wal-Mart, watering the horribly dying flowerbeds, reading and napping.  Saturday night we had three other couples over and everyone brought the...more

A Ramble

This morning the clouds have arrived.  It has been a little bit of drizzle and I'm loving it although the weather crew are saying it will make a sauna later today.  I don't care.  I'm enjoying the little bit of relief.  Yesterday when I left art class and stepped outside, the huge rain drops came splatting down and I wanted to dance.  Didn't last long though.    ...more

My (Almost-Tragic) Hail Story

This is a scene from last Monday. Hubs and I are giddy. It is 88', and humid, the kind of humid you complain about in June, July, and August, but in May, it is all good, baby, in fact it is down right sublime. "Give me more of this stuff!" I yell out at the edge of the deck--I am perched there, reveling in the sensation of sweat--and the words fly back at me atop hot, fat wind. See, along with the humidity, the 7:00 night is cooking up a whole mix of tight, angry air....more