No pictures yet but the weather people are telling us it is on the way. least they say it won't be too bad but probably bad enough to prevent me getting Daddy and taking him to the hip doctor appointment.  I ...more


A lifetime ago, I had a friend named Lisa. She was from Tennessee. I met her when we both lived in North Carolina. Lisa was a good friend and she never wore shorts. It didn't matter how hot (or humid) it was, she always wore long pants. She and her husband got orders to the Philippines and I said, "Lisa, you're going to have to wear shorts." She swore she never would. A few months later, my (now ex) husband and I got orders to the Philippines. The first day we arrived, Lisa knocked on my hotel room door......more

DO not want! TW, on the otherhand, owns a ski mask - maybe she needs one of the fun ones... ...more

Small Comforts

 Our family is in the midst of a major crisis....more

Oklahoma City Flooding Strands Drivers, Stuns City

Torrential rains fell in the metro Oklahoma City area this morning, causing flash floods that stranded motorists across the city. One young woman had to be rescued from a tree, where she took shelter from the rushing water; the first attempt to get her to safety ended with three would-be rescuers joining her in the trees when their boat took on water and sank. All four were rescued by a second crew in a second boat. ...more

A Lesson from Mother Nature

I learned a valuable lesson from Mother Nature this weekend. She may have brought me snow! But she couldn't take away my fun! It's all about compromise and going with the flow!

My Prayer to the Sun Gods

I discovered there is a bureaucracy in the heavens. So, I went above Mother Nature's head and used it to my advantage...Who knew a bikini and a bad dance could change the sun gods mind and grant my little garden warm weather.

Mother Nature has Ruined My Sunny Dispostion

My landscaping plans foiled again!  Thanks to Mother Nature's hapless magic wand. She's just  a trouble maker and I'm really beginning to hate her!


You remember the movie TWISTER? And the town where Helen Hunt's aunt lived, Wakita? Right around there is currently getting pounded with severe baseball and softball sized hail and tornado ON THE GROUND (at least as of 10 minutes ago). There are HOOK ECHOES! There is CYCLONIC ACTIVITY! WALL CLOUDS! CIRCULATIONS! What does this mean?? IT IS TIME AT LAST to break out the annual GARY ENGLAND DRINKING GAME! ...more

Don't Let Bad Weather Ruin Your Travels

Weather, it's such a critical -- and uncontrollable companion in our travels. We pack for it, plan for it, pick activities that are right for it and sometimes, because it's weather, there's no cooperation from the other side. Pick a snowy mountainside where it's meant to be deep powder or a beachy tropical place, or anything in between, drop the temperature into the 50s or below, and add rain... your day out doors is, well, it's not how you'd planned, is it? Still, you're on vacation, what are you going to do? Any number of things, it turns out. ...more

We have had quite a few terrible weather vacations. It's amazing, when pushed, how you can find ...more

Severe Weather At-Home Survival Tips

by Kris Kosach A View of the Authors Neighbo...more