Canada's 2009 Walk of Fame

Earlier this week the 2009 inductees to the Canadian Walk of Fame were announced. This year's inductees are Blue Rodeo, Raymond Burr, Kim Cattrall, Tom Cochrane, Dsquared2 (Dean & Dan Caten), Howie Mandel, Robert Munsch and Chantal Petitclerc. ...more

Destroying America

What Cheney is doing right now is trying to create a toxic situation for the American people but a win win situation for himself. By being the mouthpiece of the Bush Administration he could have successfully made it impossible to prosecute him without creating speculation that the administration is just trying to get back at him for speaking out. What is Cheney doing, we all know that he is willing to see the country get attacked again so that he and the Republicans can say "we told you so". ...more

Yarr! Pirate Party Pwns; Plucks Parliament Post

It seems that every day is Talk Like a Pirate Day in Sweden. On Monday, Sweden's Pirate Party (Piratpartiet, if you are Swedish) surprised many by taking a seat in the European Parliament. ...more

In Iran's Election, it's Zahra's Time

by Chris Lombardi ...more

Doors Open Canada

I think that humans are naturally curious. Nothing is more tempting than telling us something is off-limits. I can't eat that pie until tomorrow? Want. Pie. Now. Someone wants to ban a book? More often than not it goes onto my must read list. We can't go into that building? There's a "secret" subway stop? People will find ways to get in. That's why I think that Doors Open days are brilliant and I'm so happy they exist across Canada. ...more

That end up being the most interesting.

Ok. So two votes for the river tour. I do like any ...more

I love your blog that's not in the U.S.!

Last week you might have read about why I love your blog! To continue this series of posts on blogs I love, let's look outward from the U.S. Blogging is a great way to change your information feed so that you look, not just outside your own country, but outside of your own language. ...more

Thanks  Liz :)


I'm so frustrated though, because apparently there is a ...more

Some Thoughts on a Speech in Cairo

If only... If only this extension of the arm of peace rather than the arm of war can take hold. I admire and respect our president, although I will emphasize I am not naive enough to think he does not have as many flaws as you or I. I am not a blind follower. But I have to have hope. By leaping on every perceived flaw, a far-reaching disservice is being done to our head of state and to the world perception of the United States. ...more

Sunday, Jun 03 2007 The full banquet [ Vita's Healthy Banquet] - vitalingus - @ 01:04:pm

Sunday, Jun 03 2007 The full banquet [ Vita's Healthy Banquet] -  vitalingus - @ 01:04:pm Ah the rigors and vigor of life/ Vita will always take us on ...more

Conservative Bloggers React to President Obama's Cairo Speech

President Obama's speech in Cairo today was met with mixed reviews stateside and civil applause in Egypt. There were a few things over which I nodded my head in agreement, for instance this: ...more