Pakistan's war within

Karachi, Paksitan's southern port city and financial capital, witnessed an unnerving coincidence earlier this month: While reports of Taliban militants -- on the run from conflict zones in the north -- infiltrating Karachi started trickling in, the city saw a simultaneous rise in threats and cases of harassment against women. Women have reportedly been approached by men -- sometimes armed -- and asked to cover up or stay home. Others have been threatened with dire consequences for freely roaming the streets or dressing "inappropriately".   ...more

Soldier85, thank you for your support, but really, all kudos to the Pakistani women who are ...more

Interview with Zainab Salbi, Founder of Women for Women International

With finances a little tight this year, I've had to reduce the number of organizations I'm donating to in 2009. One of the ones I am continuing to support is Women for Women International. ...more

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Roxana Saberi Released

In a previous post I wrote about the arrest and imprisonment of Roxana Saberi a US journalist arrested in Tehran. ...more

Mary and Max Oscar Winner Adam Elliot's new feature film

Tuesday, Apr 07 2009 Mary and Max's journey [Vita's Arts & Culture] -  vitalingus - @ 02:11:pm Adam Elliot and his Producer Melanie Coombs ...more

Best plants for clean air

I just read an interesting post on Apartment Therapy, which described the best three plants everyone should have in their home or office. The post is entitled "Hot Tip: The Best Plants for Indoor Air Quality," and offers advice from Indian researcher Kamal Meattle. ...more

After the Oscar dust settles...

I thought I had written my last post on Slumdog Millionaire. Even then, I was apprehensive: some inevitable stories about the lives of the kids back in their slums had started emerging early. The latest to find a place among cable news headlines is about the Oscar-winning movie's youngest, wide-eyed star Rubina Ali's father trying to "sell" her off for $300,000 to undercover reporters posing as a rich middle-east couple eager to adopt the celebrity kid. ...more

Thanks Lisa! Isn't Sabra's picture on her blog awesome? I wonder if that gets her into any ...more

Pregnant British Woman Jailed in Laos

Samantha Orobator is a 20 year-old Nigerian-born British woman who was arrested last August on suspicion of trafficking heroin in Laos. If found guilty, she could face execution by a firing squad. It took months for British officials to learn that she was in jail and currently, the prison has not allowed her lawyer to visit her. ...more

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Contributing ...more

Announcing the BlogHer '09 International Activist BlogHer Scholarship Winners!

Back in December we announced the BlogHer '09 International Activist BlogHer scholarship program and invited you to submit yourself or your favorite international activist BlogHer for consideration for this scholarship. ...more

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The Radical Act of Knitting: Mothers Warm Hearts World-Wide

Calling all knitters for peace!  Can a cozy inspire positive change?  Can it do more than warm our bodies but also warm our hearts?  Maybe not one cozy but perhaps 4,000 can.  Individuals and groups all over the world in places like; Turkey, the United States, South Africa, Chile, France, and even people in my home town are knitting their way towards a 150' quilt to drape across the fence in front of the White House that promotes peace during CODEPINK's historic Mother's Day event and vigil. ...more

I remember knitters gathering squares for quilts after natural disasters and the "wombs on ...more