Women's History Month Day 20: Sex, Washing Machines, and the Politics of LIberation

Margaret Sanger, founder of the American birth control movement and of the organizaton that became Planned Parenthood, called birth control "the liberation of human development." ...more

Love, sex, money and social change in America

The self is not something one finds. It's something one creates. "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" (Woody Allen, 2008)  is a fun and funny satire on America's mainstream culture. Love, sex, female/male identity in search of the meaning of life, and the possibility of passion. It is definitely just a beginning of the journey. Young, we just start scratching the surface of who we are. ...more

Do Women's Gains Make Women's History Month Ho-Hum?

I'm finding Women's History Month this year greeted with yawns. That could mean women and women's contributions are becoming everywhere recognized as integral to political and social history.  If so, it's not yet a publicly acknowledged fact. No surprise there. ...more

International Women's Day 2009

"Hey, I just found out today is International Women's Day," Julie, my friend since the 4th grade, emailed me on Sunday. "Why don't I feel more special today?" Although International Women's Day was founded in the US nearly 100 years ago, many Americans these days are as unaware of the event as my generally wise and politically savvy friend. However, women all over the world celebrated the day in different ways. ...more

Julie Clawson at onehandclapping ...more

Goosebumps from Dipnotes

I was over at the UN last week. Staffers from a variety of countries mentioned how great it feels to the international community to know that the US is back--resuming its rightful place in among the member countries of the United Nations. One woman said to me that she goes around these days smiling and saying "Yes, we can!" ...more

Have a good 8 March day!

At all WOMANS around the World Have a good 8 March day 2009! ...more

No, i don't... I 'm a woman that think isn't a particular way to celebrate in one and only one ...more

America's new Pak worry

If you thought the U.S. has begun its journey to end its Asian wars, hold your horses of optimism. Pakistan, America's frontline in its fight against terror, is slipping, one day at a time, bit by bit, into chaos, and it will need more than a helping hand and words of encouragement for its elected government to regain control. When the Swat deal happened a few weeks back, many feared this could be the beginning of a slow takeover of Pakistan by extremists. An attack on a team of cricketers this week in broad daylight and at the heart of second largest city of the country tells us why the concern may be legitimate and pressing.   ...more

ICC warrants + Sudan's president = toxic cocktail

A protest against the ICC and in support of Sudan's president in Khartoum, March 4, 2009. Photo/REUTERS ...more