Italy's Update of the Movie Coma?

Eluana, Italy's Terry Schiavo, after 17 years living in a total vegetative state finally breathed her last breath. May she and Terry both rest in peace. I won't go on about the amount of political maneuverings, legal loopholes and misconceptions that accompanied her passing (Berlusconi's incredible statement 'well, she can still reproduce') was just one of the many even more sickening opinions on this very private matter which went expressed. ...more

India's abortion dilemma

I started drafting this post on a flight from Bangalore to Kolkata last August, after an abortion story hit and hogged Indian headlines for weeks. Then life took over, and the post remained on my laptop, waiting for me to gather. ...more

Black Americans: "Multiple negation" before & after the 2008 U.S. election

This is my first post @ BlogHer in about two years. I'm still writing at Marian's Blog and sometimes elsewhere. I'm also struggling through working on my first book. Today I'm writing about experiencing negation and censorship, as if the past 300 years (predating existence of the USA) weren't already enough for any tri-racial Black American woman (or man). ...more

The Political Economy of Cowardice and the Russian Connection

Run yesterday in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.    Guest Columnist: The political economy of cowardice and the Russian connection ERIN SOLARO "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." ...more

A New President Doesn't Mean Instant Change for the U.S. or In Our Lives

We've had a new president for five days. Has anything really changed? Many of us felt more hopeful watching the inauguration, but what about now? Has that hope lingered? It's hard to keep hope alive. It's hard to stay positive, especially when nothing seems to change - or at least not to change quickly or quickly enough for our liking. ...more


Last week we got a new president but I didn't take time to write a blog about how I felt on that historic day. One reason I didn't write about it was because his inauguration fell on the same day as my anniversary, and of course MY life is a million times more important than the other historic event that day. ...more

Shut up or die: Media gags in South Asia

It's not news when an autocracy denies its citizens a free press. Freedom of expression is a fundamental right enjoyed only by democracies and free societies, right? In the last two weeks, two south Asian neighbors, both democracies, saw that right seriously threatened. ...more

An excellent point, my dear. Thank you for writing the post.more

Respectfully Supporting Women's Rights Leaders Around the Globe

When people don't protest against the violence that many girls and women face - whether in the United States or abroad - our silence condones the behavior. If vigilance is the eternal price of liberty in general, then it is doubly so when we think about the many barriers women around the world face in their quest to live their lives. ...more

Women's rights are sorely overlooked in this country and around the world. Why do we look the ...more

A Beautiful Day In History

Congratulations President Barack Obama!  ...more

Obama's Inauguration - as Seen from Abroad

As the granddaughter of Italian immigrants, America has always signified for me, a place of hope, success, progress, and a place where anyone – despite their background -- could make it if they wanted to.  Those words on the base of the Statue of Liberty, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” have long stood out as a reminder to every American whose ancestors came from another land.  A gift from France, she proudly stands as a beacon to those who long for a better life.  ...more