Cruising Through the Canada Blogroll

You know how in the early days of the internet you used to just bump along looking for fun things? And every day was a discovery? That's how I feel on the days when I play on the BlogHer Blog Directory. I especially like to do it with the Canadian blogs. Here's a sample of what I found playing in the blogroll tonight. ...more

Recipe for a Happy, Lasting Marriage Does Not Include Cougars

1 Man, older and less educated than the woman 1 Woman, at least 5 years younger (be sure to check freshness date!) and smarter than the man 0 Couples of the same sex 0 Previous divorces 0 Cougars Place man and woman in same home. Stir. Voila! Enjoy your happy, lasting marriage! ...more

You might consider it blowing money on research, but someone got paid. In todays times people ...more

Being a friend to millions of women in an international crisis

My blog, Girlfriendology, focuses on the importance of girlfriends and especially women supporting women. Sometimes that takes the form of friendship - even BFFs. Sometimes we befriend women we'll probably never meet, like our Twitter girlfriends. And sometimes, we just have to be a friend to women in need. This is one of those times. ...more

Gardasil: Good Enough for Girls, But Not Boys?

Ever since the HPV prevention drug Gardasil hit the market in 2006, I've been very suspicious. The marketing campaign says that it is the "only vaccine for cervical cancer," but what Gardasil actually protects against are some strains of HPV, a sexually transmitted disease that may cause cervical cancer. This is very misleading, not to mention that it is possible to prevent HPV infections through safe sex practices. What also got my dander was how quickly it got pushed on the public. ...more

This is a subject that I am very concerned with as a parent of three little girls.  The ...more

The full Banquet at Vita's

The full Banquet [ Vita's Healthy Banquet] -  vitalingus - @ 01:04:pm ...more

Do You Have Dementia Yet?

    So the group Alzheimer’s Disease International has released its 2009 World Alzheimer Report, in which it predicts that the number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementias will double every twenty years for the foreseeable future. By 2050, they calculate, the figure will reach 115.4 million worldwide....more

How do we make a better world?

How do we make a better world? As the rain falls outside, I sit cozy in my office, the daily news plays out in the background. So much is happening in our world and lyrics from a song by Ten Years After comes to mind, "I'd love to change the world, but I don't know what to do, so I leave it up to you." ...more

Holding Up More Than Half the Sky

One of my favorite Chinese proverbs says, "Women hold up half the sky." Some days I feel like it's more than half, but the point of the proverb is that women are equal partners with men in navigating through life. At least, we ought to be. ...more

Yes, I knew that it came from Mao, at least that's what I've been ...more

Abortion, Contraception: Women's Lives Are At Stake. Shouldn't We Rally Around Saving Them? (Yes, You Too, Church! YOU HEARD ME)

It might sound counter-intuitive to say that abortion rights are a maternal health issue - after all, abortion does, in a (contestable) manner of speaking, prevent motherhood....more

Gay couples join fasting tradition

It has been an eventful year for sexual minorities in India. After successfully challenging in the Delhi High Court a Colonial-era law that criminalizes homosexuality, the community cleared another hurdle last month when the Central Government declined to take a stand on the issue and left it up to the Supreme Court (which is hearing a challenge to the high court ruling) to decide. ...more

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From your travels to India (you have a nice blog!) ...more