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Newsmix: NFL For Breast Cancer Awareness, Rep Baldwin "hero" of GLBT Month, Cambodia's Mu Sochua asks Clinton and US to help

Whew! When fall hits, so do a slew of official "months." October is now swathed in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month; less expected, however, is this sudden influx of pink National Football League merchandise. For the latter, it seems, we can thank Tanya Snyder, 47, whose husband Dan owns the Washington Redskins. She told the New York Times about the way cancer changed her life: ...more

The Glare of Media Cuts Both Ways: The Case of Nujood Ali

No one is going to make a TV movie about Nujood Ali, nor should they. The beloved Hollywood happy ending to a sad story is not in sight. ...more

There is no context that would make it appropriate for a 10-yr old kid to be married to some ...more

A Chronicle of How the State of the World Can Inspire a Signature Jewellery Design - Part 3

What symbols would represent a union of the two words POSITIVITY EQUALS PROSPERITY?...more

Cruising the Canadian Blogroll

Every now and then I like to cruise around the BlogHer Canadian Blogroll and see where it takes me. It never fails to turn up interesting blog posts by Canadian bloggers. Caryanne at About The Small Stuff told her story of us. ...more

Usually on Thursdays. I'm always on the lookout for more Canadian woman-authored blogs. ...more

Toronto International Film Festival

Once upon a time the Toronto International Film Festival was a small affair that showed the best films from other festivals. Now it is one of the biggest film festivals out there. It debuts some of the hottest movies of each year. Stars flock in from around the world to attend premieres. People show up to see and be seen, wearing only the hottest fashions. Glitz, glamour, stars and fantastic movies - TIFF has it all. ...more

Charity Muggers or Charity Lovers: What do you think of street fundraisers?

There are two kinds of clipboards. The kind my boyfriend likes using to interview celebrities and festival goers, which attract 5-minute fame-seekers like free money, and the kind I've been issued for my new temporary job, which makes even grown men jump into traffic-heavy streets to avoid me.That's the power I wield. ...more

Can Sri Lankan media regain its freedom?

Sri Lanka's uneasy peace after ending a 25-year-old civil insurgency and brutally crushing the separatist group LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam) earlier this year, is being put to a new test by its fettered media. As we had discussed earlier, the Sri Lankan government had completely shut out the media and aid agencies from covering the war-ravaged north and east. ...more

"Saving the World's Women" in the New York Times

It bothers me a little bit that the small print above the August 23 issue of The New York Times Magazine reads, "Saving the World's Women." I'm not sure why. Maybe there's something weirdly patriarchal about it, conjuring images of women sitting around waiting to be rescued? The word "saving" almost implies some sort of blame, as if the world's women did something stupid and now we need to save them from themselves. Or maybe it is the cultural baggage that comes from an American magazine imploring readers to "save" people, which reminds me of all the "saving" that we did in the past that created a lot of other problems. Anyway, aside from my nitpicky initial reaction to something in minuscule font, it is great that the August 23 issue focuses on women who are marginalized and ignored. ...more