Get Em Hillary

I've always liked Hillary.  Even when I was team Obama and she was running against him.  As with any politician, I don't agree with everything that she does, but I know that she's a strong political force. ...more



H1N1 (swine flu) claims 25 lives in India, panic stretches resources

Updated with new figures ...more

Snigdha, thanks for the links. I have been meaning to drop in for a while but I lost my list ...more

Canada: Coast-Coast In One Evening, via Blogs

Today I am tired. I'm tired in a way that caffeine just doesn't touch. All I want to do is run away to a cottage with Lee, stick my feet in a body of water (lake, pool, ocean - I'm not picky), read outside and eat yummy food. I want a vacation, a real one with no schedule and no one else around that I have to worry about entertaining. Alas, we don't own a cottage and we haven't figured out quite how to make this kind of weekend away a reality before the end of the summer. So tonight I'm doing the next best thing that I can. I'm travelling across Canada, coast to coast and all the territories, visiting bloggy goodness. That's like a vacation, right? ...more

Unfortunately you don't get to try all the local foods as you travel. That's a bit of a bummer. ...more

Can a raped, mentally challenged girl raise a child?

A 9-year-old mind in an adult's body: Can she raise a child? A legal battle in India over the rights of a mentally challenged woman who had been raped in a government-run home for destitute women and is now pregnant, has torn the nation. Does a 19-year-old with the IQ of a nine-year-old have the right or the ability to make a decision about her unborn child conceived through rape? Can rights come without responsibilities? ...more

Gunmeher, this is a little tricky. They are hard to find online. I had to go through several ...more

Anticipation for WorldCon in Montreal

From August 6 to August 10 Montreal is going to play host to the wonderful, crazy, fun, and fantastic WorldCon. WorldCon is the annual come of the World Science Fiction Society and it attended by the people who create it and the people who love it. There will be famous authors, great panels, people in costumes, film makers, artists, scientists and more. What else is WorldCon? Really great experiences. ...more

Every other year is in the US vs. in a foreign country.  When it is in another country ...more

The shame of an honor killing in the making

If you listen carefully these days, you can hear an honor killing being plotted in Saudi Arabia. This honor killing isn’t being planned by a father, a brother or a member of the extended family, but by the people of Saudi Arabia. By Saudi Arabia herself. ...more

The morality meter: Pageants to porn

It is incredible how the onus of morality and tradition is always on the woman. What women do, what we wear, how we speak, how we have sex: entire cultures and religions seem to be precariously poised, almost exclusively, on our feminine shoulders. Ordinarily, this would be cause for celebration but for the mundane fact that it is others -- primarily men --- who tell us when we are overstepping our boundaries and how we are letting our cultures and traditions waste away, and so on and so forth. ...more

I'm pretty sure that most women who joins pageant knows what they are doing, let's just pray ...more

Making a difference

How do I live with abuse? I will never forget where I have been and what I have left behind. Most of my life was controlled by abuse. From being raped as a child to being controlled and abused by the man I married. I was forty when I took my STAND, when I confronted the man who raped me as a child and divorced the asshole I married. What took me so long? ...more

The Timorese President is in Town

Tuesday, Jul 07 2009 Jose Ramos Horta on East Timor & Western Sahara [World Politics] -  vitalingus - @ 11:50:am President Jose Ramos-Horta of East Timor is in Melbourne ...more