News of an Updated Photo Gallery ...

One of the things that used to drive my first husband crazy was the way I would work over my writing ... over and over, asking his opinion, each time.

He would sigh in the end, asking, 'But you've changed nothing ... have you?'
And I would point out that I had taken out two  'and's' and added a 'the'.
Why hadn't he noticed it?

Yes, so we divorced.
Not over that. I'm sure it was one of my endearing qualities ... but we won't vote on that.  I won't even ask him to comment here actually.

These days, attention to detail is still about my writing but it's more about my photography.
I'm going through my photograph files you see, the ones I need a really talented, hard-working, loyal personal assistant to go through.  And I'm editing again, with more knowledge about what I want as an end result.

I'm still a gumbie in photoshop but I'm having fun, even if 'fun' means a Sunday spent at the desk working working working.

In an ephiphanical moment, I realised I work all the time because I love my work.   Eventually, the hours might turn into excessive amounts of money but for now, it's about laying new foundations and starting again.  New directions really.

Anyway, the new gallery titled Family Photography - Portraits 1
Come visit.


People become stories and stories become understanding


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