Why Are 1000 Children Being Detained in a Holding Facility in Arizona?

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What is the plan?  This has been a sore spot as there hasn’t appeared to be a lot of planning in the process.  A week ago President Obama declared the overwhelmed border and unaccompanied children an “urgent humanitarian situation,” and little has been said since inside or outside of government.  As a communications specialist, it really upsets me when the media goes mute on stories like this. People that could help aren’t being notified of when or where transfers of the children are taking place, and the community has largely been frozen out of information.  Understandably this is a crisis, so there will be some mistakes as we feel out the situation.  On the other hand, if this truly is an “urgent humanitarian situation.”  then we need transparency and accountability from all levels of government dealing with the problem.  There are thousands of children effectively homeless and without family right now and this is NOT acceptable.

What can we do?  Call your Congressperson or Senator’s office and let them know you are paying attention to this situation.  Obviously, here in Arizona our elected officials of both parties are aware of the issue and are closely monitoring it, but I’m not sure that anyone else is really following this right now.  There will have to be Federal help at some level, so it is entirely appropriate to contact YOUR local rep.  It will become necessary for more holding facilities to be opened in other states, as this will affect more communities.  Let others know what is going on and encourage them to also contact their officials.

As far as contributions or places to send extra clothes, there is nothing concrete set up yet. Sometimes the first to jump in are a little shady, but  I will continue to inquire and let you know if I can find a place that is directly supplying aid on an ongoing basis.


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