Newt Gingrich: What Women Need, the GOP Can Deliver.

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With Monday's official Republican National Convention events cancelled, the hallways of the Tampa Convention Center -- rather than center stage at the Tampa Bay Times Forum -- are the main event, with politicians, aides, and armies of journalists on the hunt for a story parading the hallways.

Former Speaker of the House (and former presidential contender) Newt Gingrich, fresh from teaching his inaugural day of "Newt U," took his own slow promenade through the Convention Center, offering up quotes on his support for the Ryan-Romney ticket, er, the Romney-Ryan ticket, that is. Answering a question posed by The Wall Street Journal, Gingrich referred to supporting Romney's "plan" (not the man), but lit up when talking about Paul Ryan, associating the presumed Vice-Presidential nominee with Gingrich himself: "I was the first and last speaker in your lifetime to help create four consecutive balanced budgets, so I really like the fact that he picked Paul Ryan, and that he had the guts to pick somebody smart who has specific ideas and who’s prepared to defend himself. I think that he picked exactly the right person and I think it makes for a great ticket."

BlogHer then shifted the conversation to women, who will be a powerful and deciding majority in this election (as they have been since at least 1980, according to the nonpartisan Center for American Women in Politics). Gingrich cited what he believes are the three reasons American women need Mitt Romney in the White House: economy, healthcare and energy. "Look, I think women are first of all most concerned about the economy and jobs. And they’re concerned about the future, about the ability of their children to GET a job. Second, I think they’re concerned about a healthcare system that doesn’t cut them off from their doctor and doesn’t dictate whether they can get a mammograms or whether or not they can get the appropriate treatments. And third, I think they know that energy independence -- producing enough fuel both to create manufacturing jobs and to lower the prices of gasoline and heating oil -- makes their lives both safer and better."

What do you think, women of BlogHer? Is that your top punch-list for a better America? Share your thoughts below, and we'll keep the conversation going.

Stacy Morrison, Newt Gingrich
Image: Kathryn Finney


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