Next frugal tip!

Sorry it has been awhile. I didn't mean to get caught up with well life! Our weekend wasn't really busy but maybe that is what we needed. This week has been an awful whirlwind and we just want it over. We went to mid week service last night to try and recharge. Going to church is never bad but we wanted more of a recharge than a bible lesson but nonetheless it was good to go and God was happy we were there. Last time I mentioned Krazy coupon lady and I hope you have found that site helpful! Today I am going to talk a little more about coupons and then move on. I can't reiterate this enough but definitely email, email and email manufacturer's. My husband use to eat Bubba Burgers. If anyone is familiar with that brand you know they aren't cheap. I emailed them one day and they sent me ten coupons good for a year. That was the most generous company I have come across. I usually get two coupons from companies. I recommend going through your pantry and fridge even your bathroom cabinets. Make a list of brands then email a few a day requesting coupons. Some brands have the coupons and savings on their page to print. No need to fret if you don't have a printer. I was our of printer ink for awhile and I emailed brands anyway and said I don't have a printer and they mailed me the coupons. Some companies don't have a limit on how many times you can get coupons but others are once a year. I try to hang on to the coupons to match them with a store sale but savings is savings right? Our daughter doesn't like milk. When we were weaning her from breast milk to formula she wouldn't take formula. We found that if you mixed formula with almond milk she would drink it! Almond milk comes in half gallons and can add up. I emailed silk and almond breeze. I got about six or seven coupons between the two. One day publix had a 2 for 7 sale and the manufacturer had an in store coupon. I used my coupon on one container and the store coupon on the other. I got two for 6.45. Better than nothing right? My advice.....start emailing! I recommend looking on Pinterest. I know there is a pin that has over 100 (I think) manufacturers listed and you can take it day by day and email them.