Nfl Playoffs --- Divisional Round Predictions

divisional round predictions

The Wild Card round of this years playoffs are over and done with as the remaining eight teams try to keep their Superbowl hopes alive. I will not be guessing the scores unfortunately for these games as I simply do not have the knowledge of all the teams necessary to accurately do so,nevertheless  here are my picks for this weekends divisional playoff games.

San Diego Chargers top the Denver Broncos --- The Broncos may be the one seed in the AFC but the Chargers pose in interesting threat. The Chargers are more than willing to run the ball down the throat of this Broncos defense, and by running the ball the Chargers will win time of possession and therefore the game. The Chargers wont win big in Denver by any stretch of the imagination but with time of possession and Peyton Manning's poor playoff play, the Chargers should sneak off with a tight victory.

Patriots beat Luck and the Colts ---The Colts are quite fortunate that this game will be played in monsoon like weather as Tom Brady and the receivers won't be able to dissect the Colt defense. however the Colts also won't be able to make too many spectacular plays in the Passing game either. With the Passing games suppressed by the weather this game will come down to the game plan, adjustments, and field position. In a chess match like this I pick Belichick every time.

Keys to a Patriot victory against Indy

The Seahawks grind out a win against the Saints --- I was originally going to pick the Saints to upset the Hawks earlier this week until I heard the Weather report. The weather will not be prime for throwing and without Drew Brees able to "air it out" the Saints won't  be able to move the ball. The Hawks will have trouble on offense as well but I Pick Lynch and the Hawk's defense over Sproles and the Saints defense every time.

49ers show why experience matters against the Panthers --- Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers are flying high after a terrific regular season, but that's the regular season an this is the playoffs. Cam Newton will struggle to consistently find his target especially  with Steve Smith being out, and the 49ers defense with last years heartbreaking loss still in mind will have a ton of energy. Unless the 49ers give up the game like they did last year I cant see them losing this one.

What do you think? is my Chargers prediction too bold? leave a comment about anything in my post and as always please share.

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