Nicci Ahrens

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Nicci has been blogging at Changing the Universe for the last three-plus years, beginning the day she first saw two blue lines on a plastic stick. But she was blogging well before that. She started her LiveJournal (seriously) way back in 2004 (pre-Facebook, even), so she’s celebrating eight years of writing meaningless drivel. For the first six years, she was the only one who read her writing. As her writing topics shifted from college stress to cute baby stories, her readership numbers have grown, if only slightly.
You can find Nicci at Changing the Universe and, well, that’s it! When she’s not blogging, she’s working full-time out of the home, attending grad school full-time, raising a toddler, gestating a second baby, and once in a while finding time to wave “hello” to her husband.