Nice Pants, Chef

Working in the food service industry can be long hard work.  It is hot in the kitchen, the orders never stop and you have to get it right every time.  Not much room for self-expression unless you are inventing new dishes.  Thankfully, one way for restaurant owners and managers to spice the fun up for chefs is to give their chefs fun things to wear.

In some kitchens, wearing the standard heavy chef coat does not make sense, but almost all chefs wear pants.  There are many options now to get into stylish, comfortable and kitchen friendly chef pants.  Styles for women include low rise, cargo, stripes and so much more.  Of course, the traditional styles are still out there too.

Beyond style one should consider stain resistance, durability, flame resistance, comfort and of course price.  Utility is another thing to consider.  Most professional chefs cannot have enough personal storage. Cover flaps and Velcro closures are very handy for keeping your pens and thermometers readily available.  While there are other things to consider, one of the big ones is wrinkle resistance.  When called to a table for criticism or praise, it is always good to look as professional as possible.  65/35 poly/cotton blends are known for making this possible by keeping the wrinkles to a minimum.

Now that you have been dished food for thought, you can make informed decisions as to what to wear for comfort, utility and protection in a busy commercial kitchen.   The right pants can help you do your job in style.