A Nice Reading and Gift for his Christmas

This is the time of the year when cuddling with a good book and a hot coffee or tea while the snow falls outside becomes one of the nicest activities.

Today my dear friends, I want to recommend you “Alpha Wolves” a historical romance story placed in North Michigan in the 19th century. This is actually the sequel of another sweet story: “Maggie Elizabeth Harrington” Maggie is a girl in her early teens, and she falls in love for the first time. Her innocence and her pure heart talk to tell us her story and showing us that girls don't change with time; a girl is a girl, period. I am sure more than one of you would identify with little Maggie.

In “Alpha Wolves” 10 years have passed, and Maggie is now in her early twenties, she thinks her life it taking a normal course according to the time and place where she lives; a good hardworking young man who wants to marry her, a house, a family... Does this sound familiar? All this is in her near future until Tommie, her first love from childhood comes back to town.

Chapter by chapter, Maggie herself is the storyteller, and a great one indeed. The scenes are so vivid, that you as the reader can even see them. The author is DJ Swykert and he transmitted the inner feelings and thoughts of each character; like when Revered White goes to Maggie’s place to seed the guilt in her soul. From being the most beautiful feeling, now love has become a sin. What a contradiction with what this Reverend used to preach at the church.

I wrote this post just to tell you this and recommend you “Alpha Wolves” and why not “Maggie Elizabeth Harrington” too. If you have girls you can even enjoy reading these books with them.

You can find the links to get them in the author's website www.magicmasterminds.com/djswykert 

And... thinking it over, why not giving an eBook as a Christmas gift? We all have a distant friend or relative, why not sending them a nice surprise?


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