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Jamie Broadnax

I am interested in speaking at a panel that speaks to Niche Bloggers.  Niche blogging has been around for sometime now, but is rarely discussed in blog conferences.  I think the dynamics of niche bloggers is a great asset to readers, advertisers, sponsors, branding, etc.  Niche blogging can be directed to a specific ethnic group, subculture, or lifestyle.  If you are interested, I can speak about the success of my blog, Black Girl Nerds that is only a year old.  I currently have over 3,000 followers on Twitter, 2300 followers on Facebook, and receive close to 30,000 visitors per month.


My numbers grow substansially each week and I am currently creating a brand from my specific niche.  Marketers who are interested in segment marketing look to my blog for publishing opportunities and many published authors contribute on my blog on a weekly basis.