Nie Asks: I Wrote a Book! What Books Have Inspired You?

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I am so thrilled for my book to be out. I am so overwhelmed at the excitement and buzz around it.

People have been so generous and kind wonderful reviews and kind words shared. I am such a blessed lady -- truly I am.

This book was tricky to write. It was emotionally and physically difficult to call up the hard times and dramatic memories that came with the accident.

But it was so rewarding, and working with Amy F. Hackworth was a joy. We worked really well together.

NieNie Book
My brother Andrew took pictures of people "reading" my book in France!

When I considered writing a book, I wondered why I would want to share my story in a book form. For me, it all just keeps coming back to the fact that I want my children to know about this experience in our lives. I want them to understand the miracles that took place, and that family relationships are beautiful and so important in life.

This book is split up in three parts. Part one is my life before my accident in 2008: meeting my husband Christian, starting a family, moving, and getting into aviation.

Part two is about the accident, waking up in the hospital after a three-and-a-half-month coma, learning I was severly burned, learning to do hard things, and moving back to Utah from Arizona.

Part three is about my recovery, trying to reconnect with my husband, my children and myself, moving home, being a mother and wife again, and loving myself with my new appearance and life.

The epilogue was my favorite piece to write. It was happy, hopeful, and I introduce a special surprise to the reader -- a new baby due any day now! It is my happy ending, but not really. This is just a part of my life, my happy life and challenges will continue on, but I know now I can face them- becuase I always say, I have had it a lot worse, and someone somewhere has is harder than me.

We all have pain and trials, but we all can overcome them and prevail, we are amazing human beings. I hope people feel hopeful and recharged after reading this book.

Your turn: What book or books have inspired you? Tell me about them!


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