Night and Day It’s “Cinderella”

Disney’s Twelfth Animated Feature – 1950
The 1950s were a magical decade for Disney. The studio produced a slate of memorable, winning films including Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Lady and the Tramp, book-ended by two iconic princesses: Cinderella in 1950 and Sleeping Beauty in 1959. Some decades you can do no wrong.

Cinderella is the first full-fledged feature produced by the Disney studio since 1942’s Bambi. Artist Mary Blair—who joined Disney in 1940—is responsible for the concept art for Cinderella. That’s a series of illustrations that drive the overall look and color story of an animated film. Blair is responsible for the studio’s shift to a more modern, streamlined animation style. Walt Disney referred to Mary Blair as his favorite artist and considering the talent surrounding Disney, that’s no small compliment. 

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